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toothbrush refuser

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lucjam Sun 11-May-14 18:57:34

Please help me I'm at the end of my tether. My DD refuses to brush her teeth or pretends to brush them (wets the brush). I took a close look at them today and they are caked in plaque.

She is in dire need of ortho work, they are saying that they will start it in September, she needs to loose 11 baby teeth before they will fit a brace. They have told her that she doesn't brush enough/well enough. Her adult teeth are sprouting at the top of her gum, baby teeth still in situ, she wakes up covered in blood quite often because the front two teeth bleed.

When I forced her to let me brush them today they bled a lot, its because they are so filthy that the gums are inflamed.

I've bought some disclosing tablets today on ebay so I'll try her with those. I've tried shock tactics, but she has an answer for everything:

1. Told her she will be judged by people and they won't be keen to employer her - don't care I'm going to be self employed

2. Bad breath - no one says I've got bad breath/don't care

3. NHS won't provide brace if your teeth are filthy - don't want a brace

4. When you are 20 you will regret it no one will want to kiss you if you have bad teeth - I don't want to kiss anyone, don't want kids

5. When you are older and you change your mind and wish you had a brace the NHS won't provide one and I'm not paying for it - don't care don't want nice teeth

We are having a few issues atm as I'm sure all parents of teenagers do. I've told her that for the next week I'm brushing her teeth for her. Also she won't be having fizzy drinks etc they have sweetie friday so that will stop for now. I did withdraw sweetie friday and fizzy drinks before and it worked a bit but she has slipped back into old habits.

Driving me nuts. Will take photo and put it on profile so you can see how in need of a brace she is.

teenagetantrums Sun 11-May-14 20:56:50

ignore it you are making it into a power struggle. Make sure she goes to the dentist every six months and that your job done, her friends at school will make it clear if she has bad breath, and braces can be done when the dentist says.

lucjam Sun 11-May-14 21:08:13

Everything is a power struggle!!!! You are right, since I wrote my post I've done some googling and come to that conclusion. 2 v strong willed people in this battle!!!

givenup37 Tue 13-May-14 16:55:18

I had this problem with my DD. Solution: as teenagers are big toddlers I bought her funky toothbrushes and said she can keep a toothbrush and toothpaste next to each sink in the house. For ages, she was much happier to brush her teeth in the kitchen (where teenagers spend most of their time). She's still not brilliant at brushing (at 19) but I know she does it most of the time.

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