My son in his sister's school uniform

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Becky3 Fri 25-Aug-06 21:39:01

I need to talk with someone.

I've just come home - unexpectedly - and found my son wearing his little sister's school uniform, right down to her knickers, vest and socks.

I was supposed to be out for the evening, but got a call to say our do was cancelled. And when I got home there was Rob sitting watching TV in Emma's school uniform. Emma's away staying at her friend's house tonight.

I've sent him to bed and told him I'll be punishing him in the morning, but what on earth makes a 14 year old boy want to put on his sister's school uniform?

Emma comes home tomorrow, and my first instinct was to punish Rob by making him wear her uniform again tomorrow when his sister comes home, but now that I've calmed down a bit I'm not really sure that will help.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm really worried about him.


ledodgyrobespierre Fri 25-Aug-06 21:42:27

I really don't think you should punish him. He hasn't done anything wrong. He was probably just experimenting and is probably very embarrassed you found him.

SpaceCadet Fri 25-Aug-06 21:44:48

punishment isnt the answer, you need to sit down and talk with him.

ghosty Fri 25-Aug-06 21:46:53

I agree .... why punish him - did he do something really wrong? Not IMO ... like dodgy says, he was probably just experimenting and you need to sit down and talk to him ....

BrookeandTaylorsmummy Fri 25-Aug-06 21:48:40

I agree, maybe go and talk to him in a little while, just you and him, try not to be angry and see if you can find out how he's feeling and the reason why he did it?

satine Fri 25-Aug-06 21:48:53

Tread carefully, you might trigger all kinds of issues later if you try to embarrass him, or react too strongly. I remember both my parents being very laid back about things like masturbating, just saying that it was fine but best done in private, and thus I was never embarrassed or hung up about it. But of course this is a different matter, I'm not trivialising what must have been quite shocking for you. Good luck, I thank my lucky stars that my two are still so young that everything can be solved with a cuddle and a chocolate button!

nearlythree Fri 25-Aug-06 22:06:34

Don't punish teh poor chap, he must be mortified. He's experimenting; maybe it will be something he'll carry on, maybe not, he's too young to know. But one thing's for sure: if he feels the need to cross-dress, shaming him won't stop it, he'll just feel alienated from you. Keep the doors of communication open for him and he'll be so grateful. I'd go and see him and explain that you are sorry but that you were very shocked, and see where it goes.

Bugsy2 Fri 25-Aug-06 22:26:09

If you had found your daughter in your son's school uniform would you have been equally worried Becky?
Please don't punish him. He may be just messing about, might be thinking about sexuality, might just be curious. If you make him think what he has done is bad in a perverted or disturbed way, he may not feel able to talk to you if he really does have worries.

dmo Sat 02-Sep-06 23:34:30

i would talk to him while you can
at 14 they will still talk
if you get cross now he may feel he can never tell you things

Gillian76 Sat 02-Sep-06 23:37:06

Agree he doesn't need punishing as much as understanding.

Try to talk to him

Beetroot Sat 02-Sep-06 23:40:33

this is the only other post by becky3

Bibliophile Sat 02-Sep-06 23:40:48

I have done a search on your name "Becky3" and you are a troll, and not a very nice one. Your son of 13 and 14 wears nappies (and gets turned on by them) AND is cross dressing??? Yeah, right.
Don't get sucked in ladies. Move along, nothing to see here...

VeniVidiVickiQV Sat 02-Sep-06 23:41:02

I think you need to go and speak to him now, tell him you over reacted (because you have), but it was because you were very surprised. As he must have been too.

Teenage boys are very curious about lots of things. It doesnt necessarily mean anything. You really shouldnt punish him, nor let him sleep on it as things stand.

I really would ask you not to attempt to humiliate him either. That is the last thing he needs.

SherlockLGJ Sat 02-Sep-06 23:41:38


You beat me to it.

VeniVidiVickiQV Sat 02-Sep-06 23:44:41

Makes me sick to the stomach.

SherlockLGJ Sat 02-Sep-06 23:45:32

What does QV ??

1Baby1Bump Sat 02-Sep-06 23:48:13

i thought the op was a load of shite.

SherlockLGJ Sat 02-Sep-06 23:51:49

I know 1B 1B

but we went through a very "worthy" phase on MN where we were not allowed to question posters, we were a clique, bitches etc.,

So a lot of us tend to hold back these days.

ballderdash Sat 02-Sep-06 23:54:34

thanks ladies. Was almost about to post a personal story about a neighbour's son and glad I got the heads up on this one

SherlockLGJ Sun 03-Sep-06 00:00:45

Balderdash you are welcome

How do you think I ended up with a name like Sherlock...............??

A clean living YFG er like me.

I mean ask yourself, it had to be borne out of necessity.

fattiemumma Sun 03-Sep-06 00:24:02

i hope to god she is a troll. because punishing a kid for cross dressing and dealing with a regression like bed wetting is to use wonder the kid is a bit fooked up!

oh wel..maybe they have different rules under bridges

ballderdash Sun 03-Sep-06 00:25:35


fairyfly Sun 03-Sep-06 00:25:50

I really cannot see a young man letting his mother anywhere near his bedroom never mind his apendage.

fairyfly Sun 03-Sep-06 00:26:29

Fuck i've just used one of the words my mother uses.

Help me.

ballderdash Sun 03-Sep-06 00:27:27


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