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DS's brace bracket keeps braking! Almost daily! Help!

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scarymamma Thu 10-Apr-14 17:56:33

DS had braces fitted on his upper and lower teeth about 4 weeks ago. Within hours of having the braces fitted 6 brackets had come unstuck. He hadn't eaten or stuck anything in his mouth. Ever since then He's we seem to be going back to the dentist on a weekly or even bi-weekly basis because the same bracket keeps coming unstuck. He's eating carefully, he isn't orally fixated by pencils, finger nails etc... He's not eating toffees or crunchy bread and doesn't chew gum.
It's happened three times this week alone! It's got to the stage now that I daren't take him back yet AGAIN! The dentist gives us a hard time each time it breaks, telling us the adhesives are brilliant and NEVER break and that the NHS won't pay for repairs to braces! Pulling my hair out! Help!

lovetoski Thu 10-Apr-14 22:27:47

Is it an overbite issue and he is breaking them that way? My ds13 has had fixed braces top and bottom since end of January and had no problems. He had some glue, cement stuff put on the bottom to stop him hitting the bottom ones. Sounds as if dentist isn't that great to me.

angelsfeet Thu 10-Apr-14 22:51:33

God my son was the same and lots friends kids! Was back about blocks off, wire broken bit sticking in gum! You name it! It did my head in especially as emergency appointment s only at 11 and 3. Therefore collection from school etc! Can tell you it improves after the first thin wire is replaced by the next thicker one! Didn't think his teeth were that bad anyway lol.

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