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Ex husband Alzheimer's and teens

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Dooohhh Wed 09-Apr-14 18:13:39

Hi all. This may be long, sorry! But please read if you think you could help! Not sure where to post so will post in general health too.
My ex husband had a stroke on 2-3- of 2012. Since then he has been going downhill, as expected. I have a 16 year old son and a 13 year old very mature daughter, the son treats his father with no love, to the point where if it was me, it would break my heart. My daughter however, loves her dad and is an amazing girl who always helps him when she stays with him. We live in London and he lives in Gloucester so it's quite a trek and they see him rarely. They had not been up since Christmas until now. Since then he has gone downhill very quickly, to the point where in the 4 days they were there, he hasn't remembered my daughters name once. His other daughter (different mother) and her kids visited them all for the day whilst they were there. She talked to my son about it and she agrees. She apparently said quietly to him that their father was going like his mother, who developed Alzheimer's and died within about two months.

My son is being awful to him still, but I'm asking more about my daughter. She is very close to him and heard her half sister say it to my son. I know there are teen mental health charities out there, but does anyone know of anywhere my daughter can get some support/advice?

Very long so thank you if you read to the end! Feel free to direct message me. Thank you so much if you can help

Dooohhh Wed 09-Apr-14 18:39:25

By the way, I'm talking more online forums and health pages ect.

Reasontobelieve Wed 09-Apr-14 19:55:18

First of all, so sorry to hear this. My mum died of Alzheimer's, as did my father-in-law. I can well remember my bewilderment and upset when I realised how ill she was.

I am wondering who is looking after your ex-husband and whether you could talk to them to find out whether anyone has actually diagnosed the source of his memory problems?

I found the Alzheimer's society an invaluable source of help both at national and at local level. If you look on the national site, they have their own online forum. It would definitely be worth looking on there to find out what support might be available to a teenager.

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