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So ds turned 16 ... financial implications ?

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LIZS Mon 31-Mar-14 18:48:37

and we suddenly realised he has to pay adult fare on the bus. What else do we need to think about in terms of fares and entrance fees (is he still included on our NT family membership for example) and other policies ? Are there any discount cards available to him.

We received a letter from CB to confirm he will remain in education as of September. Anything else similar to come ?

princessalbert Mon 31-Mar-14 18:55:39

16-18 yo still in education here get a bus pass entitling them to half fare. If you use the train a lot, it may be worth a young persons railcard.

Prescriptions and dental should still be free while the young person is still in school.

LIZS Mon 31-Mar-14 20:20:58

thanks . A bus pass here is £25, not sure we'd get our money's worth as you renew in September.

yourlittlesecret Tue 01-Apr-14 13:25:59

I bought DS a NUS discount card which costs about £12 but gives good discounts at shops and restaurants.
A 16 to 25 railcard is worthwhile when they get to 6th form and visiting universities.
NHS specs, optician, prescriptions will continue until he leaves school.
A laminated photocopy of passport is useful for ID.
I am in a similar position with DS1 being 18. He is still at school and will go to uni in September but all these things cease when he leaves school, as does the CHB.
I was really annoyed with Simply Health. I pay a small amount each month and get cash back for NHS expenses. They cut DS off on his 18th birthday, even tried to make me pay for him as a separate adult.

sinningsaint Tue 01-Apr-14 15:58:39

16-25 railcard is definitely a good idea. If he tries is he still getting away with child fares? Don't seem to care round here, will ask for your DOB but as long as you are confident and don't mess it up they don't tend to challenge people. DD is nearly 17 and rarely has too pay an adult fare, she isn't exactly young looking and got served alcohol without ID last week

bruffin Mon 07-Apr-14 20:58:28

Its ridiculpus but in our area you cant get a discount train card for school unless your in 6th form.My dd has a 16-25 card but yshe cant use it to get to school. Herts do a 1/3rd off trains if you are in 6th form or in college but a year 11 is not entitled to it. Both my dcs are september borns and we had to pay full adult fare for most of yr 11. I think you can get a bus card which gives a discount of 50%
My dd also has an oyster zip card which will last her until august. She can go into london for £1.50 return.

I also think you have to be in 6th form or college to get nus card

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