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IF you ever took drugs in the past, are you honest about it to your DC?

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chocolatebiscuits Tue 25-Mar-14 21:31:45

(Have name-changed here)
I used to smoke cannabis a bit, and have tried various other drugs on odd occasions (speed, Es, coke, mushrooms) - all before I had children. None of it ever caused me any real problems but I did see other people for whom it did.

I have a very open relationship with my DC and talk freely about most things. They're 10 and 14 and at the moment can't imagine why anyone would ever want to do something as dumb as taking drugs (or drinking alcohol for that matter), which is fine, as it's not yet occurred to them to even ask whether I ever have. But as they get into their teens things will change and they probably will start to ask.

If I tell them the truth I worry that they'd see anything I'd done as OK, almost as a starting point of what's normal, which I'd much rather they didn't. But I hate the thought of lying.

How do you get round this?

fubbsy Thu 27-Mar-14 10:59:07

I smoked quite a lot of cannabis when I was in my teens and twenties. Also tried speed and acid. I was a 'troubled teen', but from my perspective now, I couldn't say whether the smoking was the cause of or the result of my troubles.

When dd asked me directly, age 13 or 14, I answered honestly and said yes I used to smoke. I didn't go into any detail about it, though. We have also discussed her older cousins smoking.

DD has asthma. I have said to her that it would be very stupid of her to smoke anything at all, given the state of her lungs.

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