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Orthodontist woes

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LIZS Wed 19-Mar-14 08:38:03

ds (15) has been referred again for assessment on NHS as one of his adult teeth has not come through but is turning horizontally in the gum and may hit the root of the adjacent tooth, killing it. Originally he was referred for a twin block brace to enlarge his mouth and bring the jaw forward, reducing the overbite , but after several appointments he refused to go ahead with treatment. He is dyspraxic and quite sensitive about his mouth although normally reasonably compliant. All not helped by the orthodontist disagreeing with our dentist's opinion as to whether it would be a functional issue or not and lacking in bedside manner such that she wasn't prepared to spend NHS funds unless he was 100% committed. Anyway now almost 2 years later we have another appointment with same orthodontist. Would anyone know what he likely recommendation for treatment is and have advice as to how to convince ds to agree this time please?

LIZS Wed 19-Mar-14 08:52:55

Just googled (I know, I know) and there is no way he will agree to some of the invasive treatments not to mention he has GCSEs coming up <sigh>

Thingymajigs Wed 19-Mar-14 14:18:04

Sorry, no practical advice here but 13yo ds1 has dyspraxia, a sensory disorder and ASD and is currently having orthodontal treatment for his wonky teeth. It hasn't been easy at all so I can sympathise. We had the same line about not being 100% committed as well as being told he had to stop biting his nails (OCD so it's impossible but we lied quite unconvincingly).
He changed his mind 3 times initially which led to a lot of cancelled appointments and a very annoyed dentist. He is a very intimidating man! In a way though that played in our favour as he managed to scare ds into taking care of his braces. After breaking them 4 times in 3 months we were close to being refused any extra treatment but ds quickly fell in line. He now takes great pride in getting glowing reports from the dentist.
If you can preserve for just 3 months you will see a massive difference to the appearance of the teeth which might motivate him.

LIZS Mon 14-Apr-14 18:24:49

update : Back to the orthodontist tomorrow for the fitting of twin block. Slight hiccup when the first set of impression didn't work necessitating an extra trip hmm and had to have final milk tooth removed last week. ds thinks he can take them out to eat etc , any advice ? Fixed brace will go on end of June-ish.

bruffin Mon 14-Apr-14 18:48:29

Dd 16 had a tooth like that. It was st the back growing into the next molar. They gave it 6 months after taking the milk tooth out but it didnt move, so they removed it under GA. She also hsd 3 others removed in the end to make room. They gave the brace a chance before they went ahead with removing the other adult teeth.
She has still another 7- 9 months of brace, they went on in aug 2012. However the difference was amazing quite quickly.
There are some time lapse pictures of treatment which will show him how much difference the brace can make.

LIZS Mon 14-Apr-14 18:53:01

Thanks , at the first appointment they took a whole host of pictures and xrays , presumably to chart the progress. Is that the norm ? He sintl concerned about the cosmetics really.

bruffin Mon 14-Apr-14 18:57:19

Dd has had a few xrays at both the hospital and orthodontist

LIZS Mon 14-Apr-14 19:01:26

Great thank you . Any tips ? do they rub at first and I'm wondering how many boxes to ask for - sports bag, music case, blazer pocket , bathroom ....

Groovee Mon 14-Apr-14 19:08:32

My 14 year old needs jaw surgery as it's not in the right place. But from the xrays it has been discovered that she has got a milk tooth and the adult tooth has realigned itself above the front teeth.

We were referred to the consultant orthodontist who said although there were 3 options, he would only recommend 2. The one dd wants is the GA to remove both teeth (milk and adult) and then braces to sort the spacing. He said it would sort out the overcrowding issue for her but that leaving it would kill the front teeth.

Problem is he said he would have his report in 4 weeks to the orthodontist. But that was 12 weeks ago sad

We've been told that she will have yearly moulds and xrays as they need to check the jaw and if it's stopped growing and that they would check the movement on the other teeth!

LIZS Mon 14-Apr-14 19:12:12

oh crumbs groovee that sounds difficult. Have you spoken to his office ?

OwlCapone Mon 14-Apr-14 19:12:23

It will ache for a good few days so I'd keep him dosed up on ibuprofen or your drug of choice!

DSs only had one box, but their treatment was done when they were at primary school and were only taken out to eat so less scope for losing them.

WynkenBlynkenandNod Mon 14-Apr-14 19:34:24

Your DS is my DD's double. She is 15 with Dyspraxia and refused to have them on initial consultation then went back later. Had to go back for impressions as well as, She couldn't do it first time. Eventually we did come away with Twin Blocks.

She never mastered eating with them in to be honest. We only had one box but a rule that when out at home they had to go in the glass fronted cabinet so the dog couldn't eat it.

Not going to lie, first few days were difficult. First 24 hours she was dribbling everywhere and very hard to understand. Morning of Day 3 she lost them over night which resulted in huge panic and patting down Big Ted and emptying the duvet.

However things settled a lot after a week. I did give Calpol the first few days. One of the benefits of the twin blocks is the teeth move pretty quickly which encouraged her to keep going. DD had to then go onto twin blocks but now has absolutely gorgeous teeth and definitely feels it was worth it.

Groovee Mon 14-Apr-14 20:00:07

I've phoned the orthodontist a few times. Threw away the original letter for the consultant. My friend who has been at the same orthodontist, thinks that she's applied for the funding dd needs and that is taking 12 weeks at the moment, so it could be another 4 weeks!

LIZS Tue 15-Apr-14 06:45:17

How frustrating and of course we are just into a new financial year . Hope it comes through soon for you.

wynken , thank you , I was not sure whether he should eat with them in , he thinks not but then the motion is what moves the teeth and jaw confused. Are they fairly robust (ds is a natural fiddler with his tongue !) , can't keep traipsing off to the hospital (20 miles round trip) for odd appointments.

WynkenBlynkenandNod Tue 15-Apr-14 08:17:57

She was supposed to eat with them in but just couldn't manage. Not too bad on robust front, we had much worse problems with the brackets on the train tracks.

He really needs to keep them in though. DD didn't make the appointment for them to come off and it was rescheduled for 4 weeks later. She then told us every time I noticed she didn't have them in that she had just eaten. When she tried to put them in again she just couldn't with the top one as her teeth had moved a lot. She was incredibly lucky they stuck with her after that.

LIZS Tue 15-Apr-14 12:11:57

Well they're in ! Not as traumatic as we thought, speech ok, bit achy and he will have to get used to taking them in and out. Next appointment is for "bonds", would that be the fixed brace ?

WynkenBlynkenandNod Tue 15-Apr-14 12:20:49

Excellent ! That sounds hugely better than DD was. No idea what 'bonds' are but guess it could well be the fixed brace.

LIZS Tue 22-Apr-14 18:22:15

Back to school tomorrow . Any tips in case of teasing ?

bruffin Tue 22-Apr-14 20:13:08

I very much doubt there would be much teasing. Most of dd's friends had braces before she did

LIZS Mon 30-Jun-14 08:17:02

Next appointment for fixed brace fitting today , any tips please? Not looking forward to taking him nor to the rush to pick dd up from school afterwards.

fridayfreedom Mon 30-Jun-14 08:25:34

Regular painkillers and lots of soft food for a few days. Can back to back ibuprofen and paracetamol.
Make sure he gets some wax from the orthodontist to pad any bits that rub.

LIZS Mon 30-Jun-14 16:25:28

Back and he was really good . In and out in 30 mins, not too sore so far. He now has all summer to get used to it before schools starts in earnest.

LIZS Sun 28-Dec-14 10:15:21

We're now 8 months on and coping well although the twin block brace needed a ultrasonic clean last appointment to remove calc. We now have to expand it weekly but am not sure I'm doing it right. Should the increase in the gap be noticeable? Hopefully on the home straight with this now, before getting second train track.

Groovee Sun 28-Dec-14 22:21:44

My dd finally had the adult tooth removed in November and has had her brace for 3 weeks. One of the brackets fell off last week but had it fixed the next day. They've told us to be there every 6 weeks.

She has a special tuffed toothbrush to use along with her usual one and fluoride mouth wash. So far so good.

If in doubt just give the orthodontist a call x

Heyho111 Sun 28-Dec-14 22:25:12

My son had a tooth removed that was growing horizontal inside his gum. Cut gum , lifted flap up and glued a gold chain on tooth. Stitched flap and chain hung down pulling tooth down into right position. Hurt for 5 days then fine. They also found 4 extra teethlets and removed those aswell. It was worth doing it. Teeth look great now.

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