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The Boyfriend

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Weegiemum Sun 09-Mar-14 02:04:04

Dd1 is 14 and a pretty good geeky, arty, musical type.

She asked this week if The Boyfriend could come round. They go to a language-specific school (Scottish Gaelic) so he's not local.

My goodness, he's lovely. Friendly helpful, quite ok about not saying "Oh my God" in our house. Chatty, we had a few laughs (I'd bought myself ginger beer, no one in our house likes it but he loves it, we ended up comparing trainers as I've got the same size of feet as he does).

I needed in the lounge (finding my knitting!!) and they were all cuddled up watching Gravity!

After he left, she snuggled up to me and admitted that they were holding hands, cuddling but he hadn't kissed her yet. She thinks he might soon. It's all so innocent, and seeing them here for 5 hours today, I believe her.

I'm not sure why I'm posting.

Kathy has found a nice bloke who isn't forcing himself, is polite and nice to The Parents, they share a sci-fi love of films (and both love a weird subset of French surreal animation!), and in the face of all "oh you like your dad's music" are both huge U2 fans!

I'm 43. Am I too young for this?

MooseBeTimeForSpring Sun 09-Mar-14 03:20:41

You're lovely. But you might want to report your post to HQ and get them to remove your daughter's name from the last paragraph.

LastingLight Sun 09-Mar-14 06:49:35

I hope my dd's first serious bf is this nice.

mrsjay Sun 09-Mar-14 16:43:20

aww thats lovely weegie smile

PortofinoRevisited Sun 09-Mar-14 16:57:43

Aw that is so sweet! My dd is 10 this week and I am facing the onset of all this stuff with some trepidation. Young love! <<wistful sigh>>

mrsjay Sun 09-Mar-14 17:36:25

wait till you are taking the boyfriend on holiday with you DH was all fuddy duddy about it they are 21 and 22 fgs

chocoluvva Sun 09-Mar-14 22:58:09

Aww. What a relief.

DD's first boyfriend, when she was 14 was just lovely too. They're still friends and I still think he's absolutely lovely. I was quite disappointed when she broke up with him!

It doesn't usually last very long at this age though - don't buy a hat just yet. wink

mathanxiety Tue 11-Mar-14 05:41:00

DD4(12) has an ardent admirer of 13. I am waiting to see how it will all turn out. At the moment there is just amusement on DD4's part and ardent admiring on the part of the smitten boy.

DD1's first BF (at 17) was so full of himself I thought he would pop one day. He treated her badly and she broke it off -- I was delighted. Her second I liked a lot, but she dumped him too. I don't like No 3 as much as lovely No 2. But fingers crossed there will be a few more.

DDs 2 and 3 repel boys it seems. DS liked one particular girl a lot though he never said anything to me, but he never asked her out. I think she liked him too.

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