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Leaving dd when I'm on holiday

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Wibble1999 Sat 08-Mar-14 23:04:48

I'm going away for a week dd is 18 and is going to be left at home alone.

Over the last two years ever time I've gone away even for a night she has either not got up to feed the cats or not cleaned their litter tray.

So I've asked my parents to come in once a day when she is at work to check the cat have food and check the litter tray.

When I informed dd she hit the roof. She said if she saw my parents she would tell them to 'f@ck off it was her house'.

I explained it was my house and my cats to care for and that she had do lots of time to prove she could care fore them.

Dd looked at me as if I'm mad. In her mind she had never missed a feed or clean....yet I know she has a 20% rate of remembering.

I'm so sad. I know my parents are scared to come to my house because my dd is so abusive to them. But I need a break. And I need the cats to be fed at least once a day.

cory Sun 09-Mar-14 08:57:01

It sounds like there is a big back story here: is your dd normally abusive to other people, or is there a particular problem with the grandparents?

LastingLight Sun 09-Mar-14 11:33:14

Your dd sounds like a spoilt, ungrateful brat tbh. Do you have other problems with her? In this situation I would either take the cats to a cattery, or as you said, make sure your parents only come into the house when dd isn't there. Looking at the bigger picture, maybe you should tell your dd that if she cannot behave politely towards people in your house then maybe she should find somewhere else to live.

LastingLight Sun 09-Mar-14 11:54:27

Does your dd have any mental health problems or learning disabilities?

mrsjay Sun 09-Mar-14 16:34:24

why does your dd speak to you like that has she always done so ? I wouldnt leave her in the house I would be to scared too does she always shout at her grandparents why do you put up with it

MostWicked Sun 09-Mar-14 17:06:41

Do you trust her in the house while you are away?
It really doesn't sound like she has any respect at all.

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