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16 yr old boy pumping iron, body dysmorphia?

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nostress Sat 08-Mar-14 21:56:26

DS is convinced one bicep is bigger than the other, he works out alot, and is constantly looking in the mirror (at his arms). Normal or body dysmorphia? Its almost 10pm and hes working out?

Normal. My DS1 (now 20) spends an incredible amount of time in front of the mirror, lifting weights, admiring/checking himself...has done for years.

Unless he is unhappy I'd say it's pretty typical for some boys!

nostress Sun 09-Mar-14 08:41:57

Yes I am trying to tell myself that some teenagers would spend that amount of time looking at their hair etc. But its the convinced that the size is different that worries me. I've told him that bodies are not symmetrical and I've got one boob and also foot bigger than the other. And even if one arm is bigger than the other noone else can tell.

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