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Where to find small bras for teenage daughter?!! Please help!

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AndiPandi Thu 06-Mar-14 20:48:08

DD has been wearing the 28AA junior bras but has asked me for new ones as she is getting teased for being AA and she feels like they squash her flat. I've just measured her and she is almost 25" underneath and 28" round the fullest part so after reading all the threads on here I'm thinking 26B might be a better fit for her but I can't find any anywhere!! Surely this can't be unusual, DD is slim but not overly skinny.

beelights Thu 06-Mar-14 21:49:53

I would think the 26 part is the problem. The smallest I have found for DD was the 28AA. Primark do good ones and their 28A (your next size up I guess) is a bit cheeky as it has light padding (no, not the Dolly Parton effect). My DD found some really nice plain T-shirt bras for school there which are 28A

LifeOfPee Thu 06-Mar-14 21:51:31

M+S has a teen range. They have some lovely designs. Not sure how small the backs go though.

Picturesinthefirelight Thu 06-Mar-14 22:01:54

M &S start at 28 back. Primark & Peacocks only do A. & AA cups in a 28 back which are going to be too small.

JohnnyBarthes Fri 07-Mar-14 12:42:45

Have her measured properly - there are dozens of threads on MN about badly fitting bras... I'll see if I can find one..

headlesslambrini Fri 07-Mar-14 12:59:30

Matalan have some in, i would describe the as a little crop top looking in the front but with a bra hook at the back and adjustable straps. They had others in which were more bra looking as well . I got some for DD aged 11-12yrs. They might be small enough.

JohnnyBarthes Fri 07-Mar-14 18:28:54

OK, so I found a few threads but suggest posting in Style & Beauty. There are a few bra fitting experts knocking about on MN who could absolutely help.

Am I right in thinking that she wants a grown up looking bra and not something that a 10 yo might wear? I know it's a bit different, but 13yo ds will not wear boys' boxers - they have to be men's, even though some of the boys styles in M&S are pretty much the same. Which considering they're teenagers is fair enough, really - I would have been mortified to wear something from M&S children's ranges when I was a teen.

EdBird Sat 08-Mar-14 01:39:41

Primark for small chested girls with variety of styles def. Spent 3 hours trying brs's with DD recently and last shop was Primark - amazed that so good compared to the others. I had done M n S, Debenhams, La Senza, BHS, Next etc etc. She fond one bra in Debenhams saying it was 'OK' but for £20, OK was not enough. Reckon Primarks are smallest tbh.
M & S colors/patterns neither of us liked ;/

Yegodsandlittlefishesargh Sat 08-Mar-14 10:31:36

She isn't small chested!

She's a 26C by those measurements. Try a 28b. We had some nice teen bras from JL

Primark etc for teen bras/small backs seem to do just one cup per back size, so a 28aa 30 a etc

Yegodsandlittlefishesargh Sat 08-Mar-14 10:34:28

Some of these would be worth trying

You might need to get a 28 and take a tuck on the back band with a sewing needle but the ones we had were soft and stretchy and would have coped with that.

MmeMorrible Sat 08-Mar-14 10:42:37

DDs favourite bras are from New Look in the young generation area. Nice colours and patterns including her favourite owls. The bras and soft cotton with very slight padding which she finds very comfortable and prefers to the M&S ones.

SorrelForbes Sat 08-Mar-14 10:48:16

I agree with a poster upthread, try JL or Debenhams. You can buy 28 band bras and either shorten the band by adjusting them or use a Rixie Clip

AndiPandi Sat 08-Mar-14 18:12:44

Thanks everyone - wee update, M&S 28Bs arrived today and DD is delighted, they fit much better! Told her to tell me sooner in future if they start to feel too small - bad mum!

rightsaidfrederick Sun 09-Mar-14 01:43:35

Just for future reference, I'm fairly small of boob, and I find that Debenhams are generally much better than Marks for bras.

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