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14 Year Old Daughter - Boyfriend

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simonben Wed 26-Feb-14 00:34:16

Wow, my daughter's at that age where I feel the need to seek advice...

It's her first boyfriend, she's only just turned 14 and a 15 year old boy has invited her to 'dinner' at his house after school.

I'm not totally against the idea, but do feel I'd prefer that to happen under my own roof where I can monitor the situation. She's very immature for her age and I have no clue about the boyfriend or his parents.

My gut instinct is screaming "no", but my wife is almost pushing for this to happen. I know teenage boys - inside out, I was one.

Any help or advice gratefully received.

Monty27 Wed 26-Feb-14 00:35:51

Check out the parental supervision at the other side, if that's all in a good place, I think its cute smile

Solo Wed 26-Feb-14 00:48:15

Yes, I'd be asking for a number to call the parents to 'check' and I'd want an address too.

My Ds is 15 and has started going to parties. I want the address and I also arrange to collect him. I also phone him during the party to listen and ensure he's at a party.
Like you OP, having been a teen girl (in my case!), I know just what I got up to, so no! I don't trust Ds or other teens!! (No offence intended!).

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