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worried about my daughter and her 16 yr old boyfriend

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bhcpbap1994 Thu 20-Feb-14 12:53:17

my daughter has just turned 19, she is attending university and is a grade A student. Her dad passed away as she started high school after years of alcohol abuse my daughter watched his spiral down and the heartache caused and despite this turned into a wonderful young woman. however, she does not socialise, she will not go to a pub or tolerate drinking alcohol of any form, she refuses to live in at uni due to people drinking. ( she is a very young 19 year old - more like 15 mentally)
She met her boyfriend while at high school , he is nearly 3 years younger than her and is 17 this may. she has been with him for the last 2 years. my problem is he has dropped out of college ( way too difficult for him) and lazes about all day with no drive to look for a job, he has now started to have panic attacks every time he is not with my daughter and calls her middle of the night to go and pick him up as he cannot cope when she is not with him. He has been sleeping at my house in the spare room fro a few weeks as every time he goes home his parents shout at him and say he is worthless , ends up in a panic attack and calls on my daughter. this is getting more and more regular - daily in fact. he has also now started to call 999 when she is not about then calling her to say an ambulance is on the way - e.g my daugher left him in my house yesterday while she went to the shop, as she returned he came downstairs to informe me the paramedics were on their way , he had called nhs direct and they suspect he has a blood clot. the paramedic came , said there was nothing wrong but he still insisted then that my daughter took him to hospital to be checked over, 12pm last night they arrived back at my house stating they cant take him home as when the tried to call his dad and step mum they just abused him verbally so he was in mid panic attack and my daughter would not leave him ( she is supposed to be at uni this morning but has had no sleep. he did exactly the same last week, made her take him to hospital 10pm at night when I said he had to go home 6.30am they returned saying he had been on a paracaetamol drip all night . they had phoned his dad who said if I don't need to be there I am not coming. Both his dad and step mum don't seem to give a crap , I am worrying about my daughter.. I just don't know what to do fro the best. neither of them will give me his parents details to speak to .... does anyone have any suggestions, I have tried to speak to my daughter but she loves him dearly

chocoluvva Thu 20-Feb-14 13:08:10

What a difficult and unfair situation to be in.

Your DD's BF is old enough to access medical care without the consent of his parents. Would he agree to making an appointment with his GP or to you making him one? And to going to the GP with him?

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