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How can I help my niece?

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Cobain Wed 05-Feb-14 12:51:10

I am getting concerned for my niece, about two years ago my dsis moved niece from state to private school as dsis was worried she was falling behind. Niece has gone from chatty child to a child who never leaves the front door except to go to school and is now suffering headaches/ migraines so she is now not even going to school that often and will not go out with family.
Dsis is adamant the headaches are unrelated to school and the headaches are the cause of her withdrawing. Whilst I believe the headaches are real they are Monday morning to Thursday headaches, every two to three weeks. She is thirteen and next year will be picking options, her self esteem is rock bottom, her parents are struggling with fees and the stress/ anxiety is written all over niece's face. Dsis is refusing to engage in conversation and her DH leaves it to dsis.
I just don't know which way to help her or dsis but feel like I am failing niece by doing nothing.

MrsBright Wed 05-Feb-14 14:12:38

Sounds similar to friend's experience of bright DD in very demanding selective grammar. She develop a variety of obsessional habits (constantly checking locks etc) and facial 'ticks'. Family then moved to rural Devon and the impact of the change of school to a much smaller more laid back environment was astonishing. Different child.

Hard to tackle your own sister on this one.... could be seen as sibling interference etc.

Leeds2 Thu 06-Feb-14 14:06:54

I think first of all I would try and get your sister to take her daughter to the GP, to see if anything can be done about the headaches.

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