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Summer born DS and pub scene

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stairwaytodevon Mon 20-Jan-14 12:52:38

Hi DS born August now is 17 his 2 best friends are now 18 and seem to have gravitated to local pub scene, ID is checked on door so DS cant get in (has not tried just been told IDabout checks
Now spent last couple of Saturdays on his own and has asked about fake ID, also he is going to Edinburgh Festival this year and still wont be 18 so still wont be able to go to things in pubs with his mates.
Should I accept he has fake ID or leave him with less friendtime I suggested an evening job but you have to be 18 to work in local places so no good there.
Next year he will be at Uni in a strange city hopefully and will have freshers week with only 3 weeks legal access to pubs before then
Please give me some advice

secretscwirrels Mon 20-Jan-14 12:56:28

He has at least discussed this with you. I think I would be pragmatic and turn a blind eye to the fake ID thing. Mainly because of this Next year he will be at Uni in a strange city hopefully and will have freshers week with only 3 weeks legal access to pubs before then.

My DS turned 18 this month and had never even attempted to go into a pub before. He was a bit put out that he wasn't IDd grin.

stairwaytodevon Mon 20-Jan-14 13:15:22

Thanks for that its the Uni thing thats worrying me too. He had to discuss fakeID thing with me as I know he wants to join his mates in the pub worried though do you get a crminal record for using fake Id as he wants to be a teacher. It would have ben easier for him to have gone toSpain with mates where ID not needed but thought Edinbugh would be better but never considered his age to be a problem

secretscwirrels Mon 20-Jan-14 14:12:22

Not sure about the going to Spain thing, I'm sure there's no problem getting drinks but there may be with travel under 18.
DS and friends are planning a lad's holiday after A levels which I am burying my head in the sand about because I don't think it will happen but are booking it for August when the youngest of his friend's turns 18.

NCISaddict Mon 20-Jan-14 14:25:47

When my DS started uni he was only 17, he turned 18 on the Thursday of freshers week. He didn't go out drinking until his birthday although we did give him some beers to have in hall. His floor seemed to make his birthday an excuse for a big party complete with a cake they got him and i think it helped him make friends. He's still not a big drinker but that is good I think.
When he was at school they seemed to socialise more at peoples houses as it's cheaper so that avoided the pub problem. Perhaps make sure he knows he can invite friends over for gaming nights and provide a few beers?
Don't think you can do anything about Edinburgh but really wouldn't advise fake ID.

Juno77 Mon 20-Jan-14 14:29:49

You won't get a criminal record for using a fake ID. The place you use it will just take it from you and keep it. That's all.

There's no where in Edinburgh that will take a fake ID in August. Honestly. He'll have it taken off him the first time he tries it.

Juno77 Mon 20-Jan-14 14:30:22

When is his birthday?

stairwaytodevon Mon 20-Jan-14 14:37:14

August 24th so a very young uni student.
I think the problem is that his mates have just been able to go to this paticular pub which is popular with younger people for the first time so hopefully they will have had enough soon and carry on going to each others houses with a few beers as NSI suggests

chocoluvva Mon 20-Jan-14 14:53:00

Hopefully - drinks in pubs are very expensive....

What do people mean by 'fake' ID? Manufactured at home or borrowed from someone similar looking?

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Mon 20-Jan-14 14:59:06

If he's not drinking in Edinburgh he can go in festival venues. During the day before 10pm
Regarding fake id, it would be confiscated and he would be turned away and would depend on the door staff if they did anything with it.
I say this as ex head door supervisor of one of the biggest festival venues

Rosencrantz Mon 20-Jan-14 17:52:28

I think a fake id at 17 is a bit of a right of passage... that and using someone elses who looks a bit like them.

Just make sure he knows that if he gets caught with it, he deals with the consequences.

chocoluvva Mon 20-Jan-14 18:36:16

Apparently many clubs now require a passport or driver's license.

Rosencrantz - how do they fake the ID? I'm not curious at all as to how my DD's 17YO BF has managed to buy alcohol with 'ID'!

cory Mon 20-Jan-14 18:40:42

If he gets into trouble it may not just be him having to deal with the consequences- it may be the landlord as well. And for somebody whose livelihood is tied up in the licensing trade, that could be a good deal more serious. No way I would condone that and I would explain exactly why: it's not all about you, mate.

Solo Mon 20-Jan-14 18:42:52

This will be my Ds in 2 years time! he's an August 'baby' but is taller than all his peers, so watching with interest!

Rosencrantz Mon 20-Jan-14 21:38:11

Google it chocca. Buy em online.

Most use older siblings and friends though, or ones they have found. Dds at 17 was found in a nightclub floor by her cousin. Rather than hand it in, he gave it to her.

High tech scanners at posh club entrances spot fake ids, so it is preferable to have a real one.

scherazadey Tue 21-Jan-14 09:07:55

DS was 18 early Sept but has been going to pubs for about the last year using fake id of boy in year above who sold it to him for £40! They do bear a passing resemblance so he was never challenged on it. Since DS turned 18 he has sold on the id to another friend not 18 til next summer. There was one funny situation once though where DS was buying alcohol in local off licence using the id (with obviously false name) when his younger cousin came in to the same shop with a friend to buy sweets, saw him and said 'Hi Tom' when the id said his name was William. He got a very funny look from the shop keeper but still got away from it!

singaporeswing Tue 21-Jan-14 09:11:31

I have the same birthday as your DS and am only 7 years older, so know this situation very well!

In my experience, it's preferable to use an older friend who looks similar, the fake IDs really aren't that great.

I made sure that it was a close friend, that I knew it was my problem and would have to deal with it if I got caught.

mindgone Wed 22-Jan-14 18:08:37

My DS borrowed (with a deposit!) another boy's ID, they looked similar.
We (DH and I) thought it was important for him to learn about alcohol, a pub social life etc, whilst still living at home, in relative safety.
He is tall though, and would order pints with confidence, and rarely got asked for ID! He thinks the confidence is all important, ask as if you expect to be served, and don't look like you're trying too hard!
The funny thing is, the last time he used a borrowed ID, he was 18, it was A level results night, luckily he was celebrating, but had just sent off his driving licence as he had passed his test the same week!

stairwaytodevon Wed 22-Jan-14 22:38:03

Hi again
So basically DS has 2 choices break the law(even though it seems mad that he feels he has to)Go back to room when his mates are having fun at Edinburgh Festival cos hes a couple of weeks too young to be trusted to go into a venue with booze.
No wonder teenagers are mixed up

Juno77 Wed 22-Jan-14 22:50:13

Well, yes.

He isn't 18. One day, two weeks or five years away, he isn't 18. It's not confusing?

Personally I wouldn't go to Edinburgh if I was underage. He won't get served anywhere. Why on earth has he spent (presumably a fair amount of) money going to a city where he can't drink, if drinking is the plan?

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