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14 year old dd and acne

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Craggyhollow Tue 07-Jan-14 16:32:07

Poor dd. She's had spots since she was 8, just tiny ones. Now she's 14 she has loads of spots, on her back as well.
We've been to the doctors who prescribed a topical antibiotic which worked for a couple of months. She's been religiously washing with cetaphil twice a day and applying 10 percent benzoyl peroxide and they are just getting worse. She's refusing to go back to the docs and Tbh I can't see what else he could suggest. She hasn't started her periods yet so the pill isn't an option. She's a very keen athlete and I've read that accutane can lead to bad joint pain.

She's an exceptionally attractive girl, full of confidence, but I can see her getting more and more miserable about it.

Any advice or support welcome!

ShesYourDaughter Thu 09-Jan-14 14:13:37

At the risk of invoking the over the counter gods.....

DD has outbreaks of bad spots, probably not technically acne but I'm not advocating a cure.

We have found the Lush face masks and scrubs really do help, the masks reduce the inflammation, and the redness and the scrubs just get rid of all the pore blocking make up and stuff.

Some of them smell quite nice too. The garlic one not so much!!

LadyofDunedin Thu 09-Jan-14 14:27:37


Just wanted to send my best to your daughter.

I too had bad acne on face and back at her age, and right into my 20s. It was some time ago now, but I tried the benzoyl peroxides which burnt and dried out my skin, the antibiotics , and the topical lotions. I was on Dianette too.

As with everything, I would initially jump for joy at success, but this would be short lived as my skin got used to it.

One thing I found very soothing ( particularly on back) was the topical lotion dalacin- not sure if still available?? Was like a roller ball deodorant, and didn't sting like the others. I had the most success with that.

I have to say, I tried everything! No choc (don't eat much anyway!) etc. I find I take my make up off at night and put a hot face cloth on to cleanse - similar to your daughters LE routine.

My mother pushed for appointment with dermatologist for me back in the day, waited months! I thought it was a miracle solution, but sadly he said there were much worse than my skin - which I appreciate. But it was so hard for my confidence at that age!

I am now late 20s. I can honestly say age helped. I got to 21 and they reduced dramatically.

Today I still get congestion on my back from time to time, I use boots tea tree back spray and a body brush - really works. Depending on how aggressive your DD back is this may be abrasive.

I started taking lymecycline (spelling!) again in January after a bad break out. For the first time the doc said stress isn't a factor - me? Not so sure!

I guess if there was a miracle solution we would rid it for good. I've heard so much conflicting advice over the years, am not quite sure what to say that will help your dd - other than I know how it feels.

I once had make up done by a lovely sensitive lady at Clinique which really helped my confidence - maybe a wee boost like that would help? I've been fortunate to have nice eyes (stealth boost) and the kind lady focused the make up on these, made me feel better at the time!

All the very best to DD

longingforsomesleep Thu 09-Jan-14 17:23:17

LadyofDunedin - yes, Dalacin is still available, ds uses it along with minocyline antibiotics. Neither seems to help much but he says Dalacin works better for him than Zineryt.

I guess it is easier for girls because they can tone down some of the redness with makeup but then you get sucked into always having to use it. At least with DS what you see is what you get and he doesn't have to worry about being caught without his makeup on!

Musicaltheatremum Fri 10-Jan-14 21:24:08

My son rowed quite competitively and managed roaccutane.
It changed my son and daughters lives.
My husband didn't have bad acne and I had and still do at 50, have great skin.
My daughter had a flare a year or so after roaccutane but it responded to antibiotics this time.

Craggyhollow Sun 12-Jan-14 17:51:31

am sure its a coincidence but

after a few days her skin has really cleared - still lots of pimples but they are very small and not red and when we did her make up for a party last night she only needed a bit of foundation and no top ups with concealer smile

she of course is convinced its the pills, bless her

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