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Where are the teenage pregnancy threads?

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Palika Sun 15-Dec-13 19:30:10

There were 3 or 4 teenage pregnancy support threads here (by two different people), which I have followed with great interest. Now they are all gone. Does anybody know why?

(hope I do not commit some terrible faux-pas by asking this blush)

tallulah Sun 15-Dec-13 19:33:02

They were pulled because somebody connected to the other family emailed the OP and threatened legal action if they weren't sad

furlinedsheepskinjacket Sun 15-Dec-13 19:36:37


I haven't seen the one where ops husband arrested re computer lately either

Slipshodsibyl Sun 15-Dec-13 19:37:45

- I am not surprised and am not sure why the sad face?

pixiestix Sun 15-Dec-13 19:39:48

Because it was a hugely supportive thread and nothing warranting legal action was said?

Palika Sun 15-Dec-13 19:45:57

threatened legal action for what? It was all anonymous and aren't we are country with free speech?

Slipshodsibyl Sun 15-Dec-13 19:46:48

The intrusive unsubstantiated insults and criticism of the other family was unjustifiable and so detailed they were easily identifiable. As for supportive - the thread became intrusive and very strange.

Palika Sun 15-Dec-13 19:49:47

still don't get it

MooncupGoddess Sun 15-Dec-13 19:50:10

There are real privacy issues involved when it comes to posting about vulnerable and in this case identifiable under 16s... I think pulling it was for the best.

tumbletumble Sun 15-Dec-13 19:51:50

It wasn't anonymous any longer OP - someone recognised the poster IRL

Palika Sun 15-Dec-13 19:52:05

so mumsnet removed it because the teenagers involved could have been identified? Isn't that possible with an awful lot of threads here? Why are they allowed to continue?

Slipshodsibyl Sun 15-Dec-13 19:54:32

Palika do you recall the terms in which that family were described? Repeatedly.

oldbaghere Sun 15-Dec-13 19:55:18

I would assume this thread will be zapped too because it's a thread about a thread?

Palika Sun 15-Dec-13 19:56:02

So mumsnet removed it because the teens could have been identified - or were identified - by someone who threatened legal action if the thread would not be removed. Is that it?

MrsCakesPremonition Sun 15-Dec-13 19:57:09

IIRC, it wasn't that there was potential for RL identification - people were actually identified in RL.

MooncupGoddess Sun 15-Dec-13 19:57:41

Well, MN usually remove threads if a poster has been recognised by someone in real life and wants to pull the thread as a result.

Aethelfleda Sun 15-Dec-13 19:58:35

Palika, this is an "anonymous" forum, but if a poster states her 28 year old porcupine has been caught snogging next door's prize poodle, the owner of said poodle (if they get on here) will soon realise there can't be that many people in their circumstances and so the anonymity is somewhat limited. Poodle-porcupine relations are likely to be affected.

This, however isn't as far-reaching as if the porcupine and poodle (and all their doggy friends) were themselves able to search the interet and discover all this stuff being posted about them. Because that can happen, it's entirely reasonable that such threads are pulled. Those that aren't are simply the ones that have got away with it so far IYSWIM?

Palika Sun 15-Dec-13 19:59:58

Something is weird with this thread as well - I post something and then it does not show up - probably we are not meant to talk about it. Too bad!

tumbletumble Sun 15-Dec-13 20:02:41

MN removed it because the OP asked them to, because she had been identified.

stickysausages Sun 15-Dec-13 20:02:41

Yup, as above. The danger of such a big forum I guess

JanineStHubbins Sun 15-Dec-13 20:04:31

The other thread was deleted because it turned into an amusing bunfight.

JulieJingleBellsMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 15-Dec-13 20:05:11


The threads you're asking about were deleted at the OP's request, as stated in the deletion messages.

Palika Sun 15-Dec-13 20:06:04


5OBalesofHay Sun 15-Dec-13 20:06:37

My 13 year old had s baby in April. If she had been spoken about like that I would have been devastated, and very protective, even if she couldn't have been identified. BTW, she's growing slowly biut surely into the role and doing brilliantly back at school. We have to give a lot of support, but it's not forever.

Ladyglamalot Sun 15-Dec-13 20:07:03

I thiught we could'nt just ask willy nilly if we can delete threads though? It was all chinny reckon too.

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