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Orthodontic brace pain

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Badmumof3 Thu 12-Dec-13 09:40:27

My 11 year old had a twin block brace fitted on Tuesday. She was in a lot of pain in the evening, in her jaw, and said she felt sick. I had expected this having read posts on here in the past, and suggested she took it out to sleep (I'm such a softie) she put it back in in the morning and said it was agony. It seems to have rubbed ulcers in two places- one on her lip and one under her tongue. She dosed herself up on paracetamol and ibuprofen, wore it to school but got home, took it out and said she couldn't take it anymore. I've called the orthodontist, who is seeing her tomorrow.
Is it normal to be so uncomfortable? And for it to cause mouth ulcers? I expected her to have trouble talking, which she has, but is getting used to it, and the salivating had settled down too.

hoodedtowelco Thu 12-Dec-13 10:33:32

That is normal, I had braces and I used to get ulcers in my mouth. As harsh as it sounds, she won't get used to the brace if she keeps talking it out. She will have trouble with speech until she gets used to wearing it but this will disappear quite quickly. Try a warm flannel or heatbag that she can place around her jaw, that should ease the pain if painkillers don't. You can also get dental wax that can be put in your mouth to stop the braces rubbing. This is based on my experience so it might not be exactly her experience but I hope it helps!

Badmumof3 Thu 12-Dec-13 11:28:05

I think the wax is for the train track type braces, isn't it? My dd's is a plate, top and bottom, so I would have thought it should fit properly. I know she needs to wear it to get used to it, and she has been, and as I say, her speech has improved considerably in the couple of days she had it in for. She has no problem with the top piece, but the bottom section is causing the problems. Hopefully the orthodontist will sort it out. Hoping he can tweak it!

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