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Having bad nightmares?

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Eviejaes85 Tue 10-Dec-13 22:43:33

We went to the park about a week ago with DD1&DD2. DD1 got in a mood and walked and sat on a bench near a pond. (Still in sight) but I couldn't leave DD2 so I stayed with her. When DD2 got tired I brought her over to DD1 a frog was jumping around the edge of the pond. DD1 threw a stick at it, however it didn't go so she threw a rock. it hit it on the head and died. (DD2 didn't see luckily) so I got DD1&DD2 away quickly. DD1 tried to shrug it off but the last few nights she has woke up screaming and got into my bed. When I ask her what it's about she just shakes her head and mutters about the frog. IDK what to do? help?

Rosencrantz Tue 10-Dec-13 23:13:34


MrsBright Wed 11-Dec-13 09:17:25

Talk about it.

Why did she feel the need to through the rock at it - did she not realise what might happen? Talk her through the 'taking out your fury on other peolpe/things' issue. She obviously bothered about what she did and feels guilty, so this is a good chance to really go through the 'consequences of loosing your temper' stuff and help her see why we all need to learn control. Yes, knowing you killed a living thing is horrible - learn from it.

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