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Depression, low self-esteem, ADD

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kittywhinge Tue 10-Dec-13 13:40:25

My 17 year old DD has always had poor self-esteem - will simply not believe any compliments, and constantly does herself down. She was self-harming until about 6 months ago and has tried to overdose on paracetamol during GCSEs. Finally got CAMHs referral - they were useless except for diagnosing ADD (long-suspected by me but rejected vehemently by her GP and completely missed by her school) giving anti-ds which do seem to have helped (but that's only a quick fix), but no other help and have now cast her adrift as she is 17. After a year off school she has just returned to a new school for 6th form and was doing well - the fresh start worked wonders. However recently she has started coming home downcast and says a member of the support staff is victimising her for being disruptive. Despite having ADD (note not ADHD - like many girls, not hyperactive) she has NEVER been in trouble for being disruptive in the past . Can't help feeling that now she has a diagnosis at last, far from getting the help we were hoping for, she has now been labled. It is very damaging as she was doing really well until this happened - it has knocked her right back and she said she she was thinking of harming herself again (although good that she didn't, and told me). Anyway I can't help thinking that her low self-esteem is what's really hurting her - can anyone recommend any therapy to address this? I really think she might benefit from this but can't afford to fork out for mumbo-jumbo treatments - has anyone had any experience of anything that has worked for their DCs low self-esteem? Sorry for long post!

Palika Tue 10-Dec-13 16:11:57

yes, I have had very good results with an approach that works by reversing retained reflexes. Google it, you may find a practitioner near you. Also, a good book is 'Stopping ADHD' - works just as well with ADD.
In addition, all sorts of balancing exercises works wonders for these condition.

ADD and ADHD comes from the lower part of the brain - the cerebellum - and if that is not developed well it will inhibit higher cognitive functioning. the problems with cerebellum can be cured through physio-therapeutic approaches

DS14 has worked with these approaches from from age 7 on and off through to age 12. By age 12 all symptoms were gone. smile

However, his self-esteem has taken some knocks during that time and is now healing as he is slowly gaining it back.

So, my point is - heal the ADD and the lack of self-esteem will look after itself.

The mainstream establishment says that these learning problems cannot be cured, NOT TRUE!!! They are only saying that because they don't know how to cure it.

And no doubt, someone will pipe up here in a minute and try to tell us that ADD cannot be cured. But they have nothing to prove it - they are just parroting what they have been told by people who simply don't know how to cure it.

The book 'Stopping ADHD' has been written by two professors of education and brings fantastic results. Unfortunately, it has been largely ignored by the mainstream.sad

kittywhinge Thu 12-Dec-13 12:12:13

Thank-you Palika for your recommendations - I will investigate!

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