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FGS. DS is so dramatic. Any tips on tactics?

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Sparklingbrook Sun 08-Dec-13 16:57:32


His team lost at footy. So he stomps home (DH had driven him there and was still there watching).
Then I get a ten minute shouty monologue about all the unfairness of it all, to which I remain silent. (Best way)

Then he yells 'WELL THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT' and stomps off up to his pit.

I need to ask him if he has any homework. <worries>

How do you deal with the teen-boy dramas?

KrabbyPatty Sun 08-Dec-13 17:10:36

Haha Sparkling, I have one of those. I have no advice but I have found laughing definitely does not help.

He is in a very difficult mood this weekend. His mocks start tomorrow, so I'll put it down to stress and not that he is the devil incarnate.

Sparklingbrook Sun 08-Dec-13 17:12:56

OMG yes. Laughing. Not good. sad

Apparently we never listen to ds3, always interrupt him, always speak rudely to him and never, ever listen to him. We are the worst parents in the world. Did I mention that we never listen to him?


Handing over an Oscar would probably be a slightly inadvisable move, too. Like poking an angry bear with a pointy stick...

Sparklingbrook Sun 08-Dec-13 17:26:14

That's brilliant SDTG-he would explode with rage.

No we don't listen either apparently. Even though I sat there listening to him shouting about the match/ref/defence/coach/the unfairness for ten minutes. hmm

I'd let him stew tbh - if he's a teen he's old enough to sort out his own homework and I have an absolute abhorrence of being a scapegoat for someone else's issues. I'm dreading DD becoming a teen because she's dramatic enough already, the DSs are pretty laid back <crosses fingers and hopes it last> Generally if the DSs (aka DS2) get the hump I tell them to take it to their rooms and come back when they feel like being rational or when they fancy a hug. Luckily DS2 likes hugs smile

lambbone Sun 08-Dec-13 17:35:26

I don't see why you shouldn't take the mick (not nastily) if a family member is being ridiculous. Should you not be teaching teens to see themselves as others see them?

Stricnine Sun 08-Dec-13 18:01:02

taking the mick invariably backfires in our house! it's alright for DD to e a drama queen about the smallest little issue... but if I even consider doing the same .... woe betide me!

I just ignore it (when I can) but usually end up putting my foot well and truly in my mouth smile

Musicaltheatremum Sun 08-Dec-13 18:01:21

My son was like this. You had to let him get it out his system then he would calm down.. He's 18 and better now and away from home. Still indignant at times over things though.

Sparklingbrook Sun 08-Dec-13 18:02:36

I did ponder saying 'It's just a game' shock

MrsBright Mon 09-Dec-13 13:06:17

Always let them rant at you. Without interrupting the flow.

They are being crazy irrational and you wont stop the flow, just wind them up. After the rant (and optional storming off etc), wait about 15 minutes and calmly offer something neutral - 'Dr Who starts in ten.' or 'Want a sandwich, I'm making one for Dad' or whatever. This gives them a 'join in without loosing face' option (important).

Only much later should you talk about the original rant - not the footie itself - and why that isnt acceptable behaviour ('we all get disappointments' etc).

secretsantasquirrels Mon 09-Dec-13 13:41:10

Deal with it as you would a toddler tantrum. Calm, quiet. smile and nod. Then when he runs out of steam a big hug.

Sparklingbrook Mon 09-Dec-13 13:48:16

I do have to try not to laugh mid rant.

I think you are right MrsB-divert attention exactly like a toddler secret. grin

Theas18 Mon 09-Dec-13 17:42:02

I remember this well. Bot so much ranting here but a lot of storming about under his own personal black cloud!

It does fade with age. DS is 17 and it hasn't happened for ages

Preciousbane Mon 09-Dec-13 17:44:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sparklingbrook Mon 09-Dec-13 18:05:24

YY no swearing. He's a good lad really.

He came downstairs after a ranty shower, and seemed a bit better. Then the Homework was mentioned which cause Rant #2.

He's ok so far this evening though.......

JohnnyUtah Tue 10-Dec-13 14:30:21

<commits mrsbrights post to memory>

Sparklingbrook Tue 10-Dec-13 14:34:28

And on no account order this for said teenager for christmas. grin

Deathwatchbeetle Wed 11-Dec-13 08:39:32

tbh a few grown men act like this when their team loses!

tinselkitty Wed 11-Dec-13 08:54:14

To be fair I'm 32 and still enjoy a good rant about things that annoy me (although I'm not cross at the person I'm ranting at DH)

My DH is very good, he sits, listens, occasionally smiles then asks me if I'm feeling better when I'm done.

I imagine letting them get on with it then carrying in as normal once they're done is a good way if dealing with it.

Sparklingbrook Thu 12-Dec-13 17:53:27

I never have a rant out loud. Perhaps I should start. He has been rant-free for 2 days so I am guessing we are due one.....

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