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A Happy ending

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northernDad38 Sat 23-Nov-13 00:45:53

Anyone who may remember a few threads from a few months ago

I thought I'd give a sort of happy ending to all of this.

My DD and DW are getting along far better, and the worrying mean streak in both of them has gone completely - huge sigh of relief

Added to which - I've dropped out of the complex new role at work which was occupying so much of my time. I haven't resigned from work or lost any pay, I just changed to something less stressful. I 'm taking a week off work to spend some time with both of my DD's (no holiday this year so I have annual leave to use up). I'm hoping to move my teen DD to a different school which should foster her athletic interests more than i can. It's also the beginning of potty training for my little DD who has finally recovered from non-threatening but persistent medical complaint.

Life goes on and we're looking forward to the future.

mathanxiety Wed 27-Nov-13 04:33:03

Good news NorthernDad. I remember your threads. Hope the festive season ahead will be a happy one for your family.

SpecialAgentFreyPie Wed 27-Nov-13 06:28:29

Did your wife end up going to counselling?

Although I'm happy for you, please don't victim blame. This is on your wife, not DD.

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