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*18nth Birthday presents/party*

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laker123 Mon 18-Nov-13 21:37:15

Daughters turning 18 in december
wants to do something with about 4/5 people none are 18 so no clubbing
any fun or classy/nice things they could do or restuarants in london the they could go to?
ALso I am lost for ideas for her18nth
no jewellery only necklaces no make up her clothes sense varies want something unique
any ideas for either greatly appreciated smile

bigTillyMint Tue 19-Nov-13 07:05:50

What about eating at a restaurant with a view in London - there's the Oxo Tower and a few new ones in The Shard...

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Tue 19-Nov-13 07:10:44

Present - what's your budget?
A watch?
Look on notonthehighstreet for unusual gifts.

twentyten Tue 19-Nov-13 07:55:13

Spa trip? Watch a lovely idea.

bigTillyMint Tue 19-Nov-13 08:01:38

Ooh yes, a spa trip!

SashaOfSiberia Tue 19-Nov-13 12:49:21

Spa Trip and Oxo Tower sound good.

Other ideas could be seeing a comedian/show/ gig and then going for dinner.

She could do dinner and drinks, eg the Oxo Tower has nice Cocktails. Or somewhere like the Circus Restaurant (performers on tables etc) and then drinks nearby.

Present wise it depends on your budget. If she likes delicate pieces the Alex Monroe necklaces are nice, otherwise she might enjoy things from Mawi or Anton Heunis or DanniJo. You could buy her a 'piece of art', I've seen some lovely Rob Ryan paper cuttings online.

amumthatcares Tue 19-Nov-13 19:20:29

DD didn't have a party as such, she turned 18 on a Sunday so they waited until midnight and went clubbing - so we didn't have that expense so we spent the money on pressies, which were:

A Micahel Korrs watch
A holiday (she chose to go to Magaluf hmm with girlfriends) - she booked in Jan and sorted a fab deal and it wasn't actually as expensive as most people might think as they had finished school before the school summer holidays
A memory box (my personal favourite) I got a large hat type box and personalised it with some adhesive gold letters. I put in things like a copy of her birth certificate in a holder, hospital birth records, first shoes, I had a photo book printed (Trueprint) and did sections (ie, grandparents, school days, dressing up, holidays etc), school reports, matinee many things you could include. She loved it and it is something she will always have to keep smile

amumthatcares Tue 19-Nov-13 19:22:44

Oh and ref the Spa idea....DD and I did that the weekend before she went off to uni (we wanted some quality time) but she LOVED it!!

laker123 Tue 19-Nov-13 22:01:42

Thank youu for alll your suggestions
present budget depends what it is but please continue to suggest smile shes told me no jewellery she doesnt want a watch- itchy and wouldnt
i like the idea of a spa trip and the restaurant and memory box
circus london has an age restriction of 21+ unfortunately

Keep suggesting very grateful

Isthiscorrect Wed 20-Nov-13 02:41:05

For ds I bought a watch and gave him money to go out with his friends. They went for a curry and a few beers and then on to a nightclub.
But I also pinched a fab idea from here and made a book "rules to live. Y and other stuff". I had all his college friends, family friends, relatives and respected teachers write so etching in it. He loved it and everyone else pinched the idea. Thanks MN.

MiniMonty Wed 20-Nov-13 03:20:21

TOP night out in London for smallish money...

Get the tube to Canning Town to arrive there at 6pm (stay with me...) take the CABLE CAR across the Thames (exciting / scary) and a properly fabulous view of London at dusk, walk 100 yds from where you get off at Greenwich to the pier, get a fast boat up to Westminster (thrilling, unusual and again, an incredible view of the city lights from the river), then take a couple of rickshaws (enormous fun and flirt with the hunky drivers of course) and head to Somerset house to go skating in the open air (it's magical - you can get "walk up" tickets but you'd be wise to book it). Fall over a lot and laugh your arse off, then rickshaws again to Pulcinella's in Soho (Tip Top family run Pizza joint on Old Compton St, cheap, excellent and who can complain)? Have a big pizza pig out and a couple of carafes of Sicilian wine... (it's about 9:30 now / 10:30 if you like drinking) Then head out into the Soho night, take a table at any street side bar, have a bottle of champagne because you're 18, then cabs / tube home.

BEST possible present (it will cost you though) is a bottle of decent Claret from the year she was born.

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