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DD(14) has made a new Christmas List again?!

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JessLouise Sat 09-Nov-13 19:13:57

She keeps changing her mind, this time the list is okay but I'm put off ordering anything in case she changes her mind again. This is her list so far:
A purple dress
compact Mirror
A shower gel
Cosmetic brushes
A make up set
9 different hoodies and jumpers from new Look
2 t-shirts
A phone case
Also wondering if it is worth getting the 9 hoodies and jumpers? She has assured me she will wear them but two of them are Christmas jumpers. I am sure she will wear them to school over her uniform in the winter but it seems like a boring Christmas for her in all honesty.

CaptainSweatPants Sat 09-Nov-13 19:15:59


A bit of a madam youv e got there

Seems a bit spoilt to say 9 hoodies!

Personally I wouldn't buy any more than 2 jumpers - and what's the point of getting a Christmas jumper on Christmas day? Surely it'd only be worn once or twice, because she'd look daft wearing it past Boxing Day.

Would be more inclined to get more of the shower gel etc stuff, that she'll use through the year, and that you'd be having to buy anyway.

bundaberg Sat 09-Nov-13 19:19:47

i would tell her that you want a final list by x date.

then stick with it.

she hasn't asked for loads of stuff, things like shower gel and make up are good for stockings? unless they're actually vastly expensive :-D

i'd get her the tops if she will wear them, but not if they're festive and unlikely to get worn again

JessLouise Sat 09-Nov-13 19:20:22

To be fair to her she has a thing about hoodies and wears them all year through, when we go in holiday and such at night and on Ames and haven't spoilt her with clothes for a while, and the jumpers all seem to be good quality, some thin some thick but winter in the uk can last until April. She would look daft with the Christmas jumpers but there's always home and next year. She's also insecure about her wardrobe so feel this could be a boost for her.
DS (13) is getting a lot of ski clothing for his ski trip and we like to spend similar amounts on them for Christmas.

tweetytwat Sat 09-Nov-13 20:31:56

You should just buy her an iTunes voucher.

picnicbasketcase Sat 09-Nov-13 20:38:11

Is this true this time?

Madmog Sun 10-Nov-13 10:18:14

We have the opposite problem and have to nag our daughter for a list!

I guess the list is to choose from or do you normally buy everything she asks for? You could just buy a few items that you think would really get used/are wanted and a couple of hoodies and keep a little money back for any different last minute suggestions.

fuzzpig Sun 10-Nov-13 10:36:03

Just tell her she can't change her mind again. She's more than old enough to understand that smile

SlicedLemon Sun 10-Nov-13 10:45:39

My DD just turned 15 has given me a comprehensive list of "options".

Its colour coded brochure sorted into sections for clothes, games, make up, jewellery, other shit stuff. It has website links and shops and prices.

She told me to look at it as mini Catalogue and she does not expect it all hallelujah but its all there to give me plenty of options. hmm

Maryz Sun 10-Nov-13 11:04:45

Bloody hell.

My teenagers are getting odds and ends and an IOU clothes in the sales.

I would never buy more than one hoodie at a time.

I think I love your dd, SlicedLemons grin

DD2 (16) has just written her list.

It says:
a t-shirt
a horror DVD
Rise of the Guardians DVD
a chocolate orange
a guitar strap
some shower gel

I think she will get all the above. smile

fuzzpig Sun 10-Nov-13 15:19:07

Ooh what horror DVD are you getting - has she asked for something specific? <nosy>

We'll probably get her several. I bought 'Carrie' yesterday for her (I doubt she's even heard of it and they are remaking it, so I thought she should see the original) but no idea what else yet - dp is the expert: I'm a coward.

fuzzpig Sun 10-Nov-13 15:46:37

They're remaking Carrie?! Hmm. I've not been impressed with many horror remakes, some things just shouldn't be messed with. Unfortunately a lot of old classics are 18s though.

IamInvisible Sun 10-Nov-13 15:49:59

On my kids' Christmas lists are £80 hoodies and £45 TShirts. DS1 has got a £100 pair of trainers, too. I yearn for the days of New Look and Topman clothes.

Audilover Sun 10-Nov-13 15:51:41

DD1 is nearly 18 and she as no idea what she would like for Christmas despite me constantly getting on at her.
At this rate she'll be watching everybody else opening presents grin
DD2 is 13 and she's done a list that's not too bad.
My 4 DC who have done lists have been told that any changes need to be done this weekend as come Monday it will be to late to change.

Badvoc Sun 10-Nov-13 15:55:25

Well...the mirror, shower gel and make up stuff you could get in the boots 3 for 2.
I think new look is quite inexpensive for clothes? (haven't been in one for years so his may have changed)
And a phone case?
You could get all that in 3 shops and it wouldn't cost that much.
Your dd seems very organised, knows what's he wants and isn't being greedy.
Nothing wrong with that!
Thankfully mine are still at the writing to Santa stage - I think I love your dd too lemons! smile

marriedinwhiteisback Sun 10-Nov-13 15:55:51

My dd saw a pink gem embellished jumper in a local shop the other day and said she liked it. I said do you want it; she said hmm, well let's have a look. We had a look she gasped at the price and said she'd either pay half her pocket money or perhaps she could have it for Christmas please. It was £46.00 so quite pricey but she never asks for anything and sometimes I wonder if she isn't a real teen at all. sad. Honestly I can take her out and say go on I'll buy you an outfit, shoes, bag, whole works, anything you like. "no, it's OK mum I can't really be bothered".

How does one find a middle road; just how. She literally has two pairs of school shoes which are on their last legs and refuses to look for anything else.

octopusinastringbag Sun 10-Nov-13 15:56:27

Apart from asking for 9 hoodies it all seems a bit much TBH.
The Xmas list from my teen is for 2 of a selection of CDs, some files for wood carving, a DVD and a vice.

Badvoc Sun 10-Nov-13 15:58:34

That was me at her age marriedinwhite.
Perhaps get the jumper as a surprise?
The on,y thing my ds has asked for is a bloody nerf gun and ds2 has asked for an octonauts toy so they are getting lots of surprises!

octopusinastringbag Sun 10-Nov-13 15:59:35

Sorry I wrote that wrong, it seems fine APART from the hoodies.

Brain obviously went for a walk and left me behind.

MrsCakesPremonition Sun 10-Nov-13 16:01:19

May be get her a voucher for New Look and then she can go shopping in the sales.

IamInvisible Sun 10-Nov-13 16:02:37

married to be fair to my kids! all through the year they buy their own clothes, apart from everyday college clothes! from their wages. DS1 has a passion for shoes and was desperate for this particular pair so I bought them for him.

DS2 wants a new phone. He'd love an iPhone5, we've been looking at them today, he's done the sums and now keeps asking why anyone would spend that much money on a phone.

I asked DS1 what he wants for his birthday, he said "don't waste your money, Mum!"hmm

fuzzpig Sun 10-Nov-13 16:03:57

As you folks all have teens, can anyone advise about superdry and that sort of thing? Really struggling with one of my DSDs (twin 15yos) and can't think of anything. She's never really had 'wow' clothes so a superdry hoodie might be good... but not sure on cost?

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