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Pill or Not?

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assumpta Mon 28-Oct-13 07:21:08

Hi my poor dd, who has now had her periods for almost 2 years, since she was almost 12. She suffers really bad backache for the day before and couple of days during her period. It is quite heavy, lasts about a week and she is having 2 a month. The poor girl is suffering from what is a mix of normal teenage angst and from what I can only presume is a high and low of horomones, and this has now being going on for some time. She is a lovely young girl, who is understandably finding it hard to deal with. She has had a blood test to check for PCOS which was clear. She is so embarassed at the thought of going to the doctor to talk about her periods and adamant that she is not going. I can, of course, understand this but I feel that the pill could help, if she only tries it for a few months. Any ideas on trying to convince her to talk to doctor, or any advice if your dd went through the same thing.

Mumof3xx Mon 28-Oct-13 07:22:41

Can you go with her to the gp?

sashh Mon 28-Oct-13 07:44:30

What about a family planning clinic. It might be that it is the same Dr who has known her for years and that is what is embarrassing her.

The pill quite literally transformed my life.

assumpta Mon 28-Oct-13 08:44:43

Yes, I will definitely go with her. She is so shy and embarrassed and of course I have no problem in talking openly to her, but I realise that she finds it difficult.

I had not thought of a family planning clinic, as thought it would be more of a medical matter than a contraceptive matter, but it's a point that I can make and ask her. She very seldom goes to the doctor, and when she did before it was to a female doctor, which I thought would be better, but not so sure now. How old were you when you went on the pill and how did it make things easier for you?

bakehouse Tue 29-Oct-13 12:28:53

I took my DD14 to the GP as she too was suffering very periods at irregular intervals and had back pain. The GP was great, said the situation must be intolerable for her and put her on a very low dose pill, Loestron 20. She is so much happier now, periods are much lighter and only last about three days whereas before was over a week. Obviously she also knows exactly when she will get her period in advance and can plan around it. My older daughter 16 also went on the pill at 15 for the same reasons.

RoxanneReidsChafingFishnets Tue 29-Oct-13 12:30:45

I was on the pill at 14 for period reasons also. Best thing I ever did

assumpta Tue 29-Oct-13 19:02:46

Hi, thank you for that. I took her today, and she had given me permission to talk about it as well as some dizziness she is having. She thinks this is due to a fall off her horse a number of years ago. iI was a fall with her wearing her body protector and helmet and she was not knocked out even for a second. I went in with her, dr asked if it was a follow up of blood test results etc., I said no and started with the dizziness that she was experiencing. She asked if her blood count was alright last time and then we started discussing the pill. Dd was not happy but stayed through the appointment, dr was very good, I explained that she was understandably embarrassed, the dr was fine with that. She explained about the pill and how it would help etc, etc. gave a prescription for the pill and blood test request form to check iron, thyroid and also for diabetes. Very helpful. She explained that it wasnt a lifestyle choice for a contraceptive, but a medical choice for her periods. Also that she is not the only 13 year old on it for this reason.

Dd was cross when we got home saying that I shouldn't have talked about it today. I had honestly thought it was ok and apologised although this is what I thought had transpired in the conversation I had with her this morning. She continued to be upset with me, which is not unusual at the moment!!!!!!, (hopefully it will also help with this), so I had to say that as her parent and her as a 13 year old that it is my responsibility to look after her and try to help solve any medical issue she may have, as I would with her sibling, or, the dog, for that matter!

She starts it on day 1 of her next period, so about 3 weeks time. Firstly,I hope she will take it, and secondly, I hope it kicks in quickly and eases things for her.

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