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What is the best shampoo for greasy teenage hair?

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Bomper Wed 16-Oct-13 08:03:56

Wasn't sure where to post this but, my 13 year old dd is developing really greasy hair. I bought her some shampoo for greasy hair and told her not to put conditioner on the roots just from about half way down but it still looks greasy. Even when she has just washed it you can almost see the grease building up again. I would be grateful for any suggestions/recommendations as she is getting very embarrassed about it.

ThreeBeeOneGee Wed 16-Oct-13 08:12:20

Try a supermarket own brand shampoo.
The apple one from Sainsburys is good.

Mrspebble Wed 16-Oct-13 08:12:45

First shampoo the roots without water.. Really get rid of the grease, then smooth as normal. That is the best way I found.
I woud se a baby shampoo after that but wash regularly. Use dry shampoo in emergencies.

DearDinah Wed 16-Oct-13 08:13:23

I have extremely greasy hair & I'm 30!
I use the co-ops own mint & tea tree shampoo, I think any tea tree shampoo helps, I do still have to wash it every day but it limits the build up during the day. I've also read that shampoo with lemon in can help or even cider vinegar mixed with water. Hope she finds something that works, greasy hair is annoying :-/

idiot55 Wed 16-Oct-13 08:19:02

I did use herbal eccences green bottle, for normal/oily hair but cant seem to find it anymore, it meant i could last two days

PlentyOfPubeGardens Wed 16-Oct-13 08:19:26

Ecover washing up liquid. Yes, seriously smile

Also, a final rinse in cool water helps.

eggyweggies Wed 16-Oct-13 08:21:08

And probably no conditioner needed at all tbh!

ClaimedByMe Wed 16-Oct-13 08:21:35

Shops own or Alberto balsam tea and mint or vosene original strip the grease from our hair.

ClaimedByMe Wed 16-Oct-13 08:21:52

Tea tree*

Bomper Wed 16-Oct-13 08:24:18

Thanks for all your suggestions. Think a trip to the shops is in order to day smile

wordfactory Wed 16-Oct-13 08:26:31

DS uses a Lynx one, it's called somehting like Toxic Shock or some such (am not at home so can't take a look sorry).

It gets rid of all grease, dirt and product build up! Brilliant stuff.

valiumredhead Wed 16-Oct-13 08:34:00

Loreal, the pink bottle, use without conditioner, works really well.

beachedwhalesarecool Wed 16-Oct-13 15:14:43

Aussie Mega shampoo is good; my DD can get away with washing her hair every other day. Batiste dry shampoo is very handy on the dat in between washes.

Rosencrantz Thu 17-Oct-13 19:23:45

Deffo buy dry shampoo. I have greasy hair I've never grown out of, and dry shampoo is good enough to remove grease appareance until you can next get it washed.

Rosencrantz Thu 17-Oct-13 19:24:00

Christ, I spelt appearance terribly then!

wickedwitchNE Thu 17-Oct-13 19:33:03

Anything with tea tree oil in - my mum used to add it to normal shampoo. Vosene original is medicated and amazing. The best tip we learnt though (both still suffer!) is to rotate shampoos. I have 2/3 open at one time and use a different one each time. Also have lots of dry shampoo to hand!

A lot of people won't agree with this one, but when she gets older consider letting her dye her hair (a similar colour if necessary, and semi-permanent). I used to dye mine and my hair was always in the best condition for a couple of weeks after dying it. Even the Garnier ones with no ammonia stripped the oil from my hair.

singaporefling Thu 17-Oct-13 21:47:06

Any washing up liquid - really, gets rid of the grease and leaves the hair full and shiny

sashh Fri 18-Oct-13 09:42:43

Rinse, rinse and rinse again. Rinse until the air squeaks.

Also actually wash the hair, not like on the adds where they just do the scalp, if the hair is long you need to wash from the roots down to the tips.

tshirtsuntan Fri 18-Oct-13 09:51:44

Vosene every time here! Particularly the kids one that is supposed to repel lice, think that's tea tree based too, I buy trial bottles for 50p and they last ages.

Cerisier Sat 19-Oct-13 14:15:21

The greasy look is often product build up. Washing up liquid or something like Redken's hair cleansing cream should do the trick.

popperdoodles Sat 19-Oct-13 15:10:06

my ds3 age 14 suffers from greasy hair. he uses cheap shower gel to wash it instead of shampoo and can get away with washing every other day as long as when he wakes up 2nd day he just doesn't comb it too much.

pdxevergreen Fri 25-Oct-13 18:31:08

HI....I'd say this has to do with good for you mom for helping her thru this! Follicleanse is really good because it addresses hair and scalp.....I found it at

Ilovefluffysheep Tue 29-Oct-13 17:27:11

Another vote for the loreal elvive pink bottle. It's all me and my 14 year old can use on our hair otherwise it's disgustingly greasy. Don't know what the magic ingredient is, but it works!

saraloveslocks1 Mon 11-Nov-13 10:39:06

I think that Unite's "weekender" shampoo is definitely the BEST product in the market for this kind of thing- I put my life on it. Basically, it cleans it all up (banish grease!) and i feel like it makes my hair so much healthier. I have really curly and coarse hair (awful) and since using it the last 6 months it's definitely a lot healthier and less greasy. It's not terribly cheap, but it's the only thing I thought really worked.

It's a hard brand to find in the UK I must say (it's american)... BUT i have found it at this place in Chiswick: which I always travel out of my way for. Actually, the girls there are really excellent stylists and they are the ones that put me on to it. It might be worth popping in to ask them to consult for you? They don't charge for shampoo consults and it honestly changed my life (I feel so much prettier all the time now- amazing what good clean hair can do!)

Elderflowergranita Mon 11-Nov-13 12:38:49

Loreal has a new one out, also in a pink bottle, which is really good for greasy hair.

It's called nutri-gloss crystal.

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