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do your teens teens use the school/college toilets?

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schoolhatter96 Wed 09-Oct-13 18:28:21


adeucalione Wed 09-Oct-13 18:52:12

No, a school poo is social suicide and the toilets are full of aggressive boys and orange make up applying girls (apparently).

sydlexic Wed 09-Oct-13 18:58:01

I presume so, if needed. They have individual toilets, each with its own door along the corridor, so quite private.

lukebsf1 Wed 09-Oct-13 20:09:56

If they go to a state secondary school then the answers for a number 2 is a definitive no (well for guys anyway.)

Taking a pee is a necessity because there is no way you can hold that in for a whole day.

For example here are just a few defects of the toilets at my old school:
1. Apsolutely stunk
2. Cubicles had no locks (they were broken)
3. Cubicles mostly had no doors (they were broken off by chavs.)
4. Most of the time there was some chav smoking a joint in there
5. If by some miracle the above wasn't true then good luck with the toilet being in one piece or not blocked and overflowing.
6. If chavs come into the toilet (the room obviously not the actual cublicle), and they realise you are taking a dump then prepare for some abuse/door kicking.

In my whole time at secondary I only once did a dump at school (I was feeling unwell and to do this I managed to sneak into the sixth form building to use theirs because they were very slightly cleaner and had less chavs.)

However at my college/sixth form (it has both in the name so I don't know which to use.) I would be happy to (and probably have in the past year) taken a dump in all the toilets as they are much cleaner and the maximum extent of vandalism that there is is normally a joke written on the door (Personally I quite like it when people do this as it gives you something to read whilst doing your buisness, my favourite was when someone wrote a full rhyming poem over the joys and relief of taking a large poo.).

This isn't a private sixth form either, its just a state one (The Sixth Form College Farnborough if you are wondering ;) ), this is abit off topic however I would so advise parents to send their kids to a specialised sixth form/college for this reason, chavs don't normally make the effort to change schools to go there and people tend to mature alot more simply by changing surroundings. However all of thats probably for another topic.

treehouselover Wed 09-Oct-13 23:20:32

I asked DD (been in Y7 for 5 weeks) what the toilets were like today and she informed me she didn't know as she'd never been in them!

She leaves the house at 7.55 and gets in at 4.10 2 days a week and as late as 5.20 one day because of activities.

Seriously - that cannot be good for her bladder. She's always been able to hold it in when required but I was shock

Notmyidea Wed 09-Oct-13 23:44:00

I know mine are selective about which Loos they'll use. Is the single-cubicles-off-a-corridor ones.

BackforGood Wed 09-Oct-13 23:55:17

I can never understand why a 16 / 17 yr old wants to come on a site like this and start a load of threads ? Why not go and play with your own social media ?

friendlymum67 Wed 09-Oct-13 23:55:44

One of the biggest local senior schools to me has unisex toilets!! shock Despite being told by one of the SLT that the pupils are fine with it, I remain unconvinced!!

Fozzleyplum Wed 09-Oct-13 23:56:51

I'd never encountered the single cubicles off a corridor until I recently went to a local secondary school for a sports event. I was a bit surprised, tbh - they looked very public. I'm not sure if I'd have used the toilets at all if they'd had these when I was at school - would have been like treehouselover's DD. I imagine the whole corridor gets very smelly if anyone has a poo in them!

Lottie4 Thu 10-Oct-13 09:53:22

Yes, every lunchtime. I think there are around 5/6 blocks of toilets in the school. My daughter has said they are all fine with the exception of one lot which are always smelly. I've actually used a couple myself during parents evening and when doing an exercise class at sports hall in evening and to be honest they are pretty smart and modern.

Thants Thu 10-Oct-13 09:56:13

How can they hold it that long! I used to go at school and college. You can usually find quiet ones and times. Crazy kids, everyone has to go!

specialsubject Thu 10-Oct-13 11:53:16

it's attention seeking kiddy again! Do us a favour, love - go to the toilet (please don't pee in the sink, it's rude) and then go back to school.

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