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Young people must 'earn or learn' - while parents gibber and pay.

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flow4 Wed 02-Oct-13 18:59:15

David Cameron has just ended his party conference with a speech saying that he'll axe Benefits for the under 25s. They'll get no support from the state, and must "earn or learn".

But youth unemployment is high and rising. Many young people will continue to be unable to get a job. And if they can't claim any benefits, who will have to pay?


Yup. There's no other possibility: parents will be forced to support their kids for far longer, well into adulthood.

I don't know about you, but I don't think I could handle it. There have been times in the past few years when the only thing keeping me from going over the edge has been the knowledge that if things didn't get better - if I got any more desperate - at least I only had to hang on in there 'til he turned 18.

If I'd had to support him another seven years I don't think I could have done it.

David Cameron says if young people can't claim benefits, it will save £1.8 billion. But he's only counting the benefit savings, isn't he? I bet it will cost the NHS and other services many times more, as us parents pay up, take the strain, and gibber quietly in the corners of our sitting rooms.

So, David Cameron, I know your kids are still only small and you don't know any better yet, but listen to us and think again. Life is hard enough for parents of teenagers and young adults. Leave young people's benefits alone.

Or we'll send our kids round to your place.

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Thu 10-Oct-13 11:13:03

I don't know, I'd have thought most (if not all) able bodied 18+ yos could support themselves. They can relocate for work, they can live in roomshares, they can go to uni with a student loan. They have options which people with families do not have when it comes to work. Why would they need their parents to support them for anything other than the very short term (genuine question)?

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