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Enhanced bras for undeveloped DD

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Esined Sat 21-Sep-13 12:11:02

Thanks Medusa, I might have a look out for these. I'm struggling a little as my DD as mentioned is small for age, and thus looks more like a 11 year old than nearly 14. Seeing what outwardly looks like a 11 year old trying to dress like her peers just looks wrong, but I think that is probably my issue, and I need to let her grow up and act her age, even if her body is not.

She is seeing a paediatric endocrinologist. We are just waiting for some test results on her growth and sex hormone production that she had tested last month.

I was like your DD and to be honest it is miserable when everyone else is developing and you aren't. I would have killed for a pair of chicken fillets at her age just until I finally started getting my own boobs (not that I ever got MUCH lol)

I'd meet her half way and try and find her either some small fillets or some decently padded ones (Primark do enhancing ones cheaply) that make her feel better about herself til her own appear.

At nearly 14 I might also pop er along to the gp just to check all is ok (no lack of hormones etc).Development varies massively but most girls are starting to develop by 14 and unless there is a family history of late development might be worth keeping an eye on.

Esined Fri 20-Sep-13 18:42:47

My daughter is a late developer. She is nearly 14 however but has not yet hit true puberty - no breast development yet and is by far the shortest in the class (no sign of any growth spurt).
Until recently this hasn't bother her but since hanging out with a new friend she has asked for bras that give her shape (moulded).
I have bought her a couple of AA moulded bras although she has nothing to fill them with. Before this she was happy wearing crop tops.
The other day she asked me about chicken fillets ( gel inserts), and push up bras. I said she couldn't have a push up as she has nothing to push up ( which she was able to laugh about), but I am worried she might angle at getting inserts soon.
I can understand her desire to want to look like everyone else but I don't think it appropriate. What are your thoughts?

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