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18yr old daughter is pregnant!

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melon75 Thu 05-Sep-13 19:51:41

My daughter moved in with her boyfriend a few months ago. To cut a long story short their relationship has been volatile to say the least. She has suffered physical and mental abuse from this boyfriend. She came home the other day. I collected her and her belongings, later that night she took a pregnancy test and it was positive!
She has since moved back in with him, only a couple of days ago, and all he'll has broken loose, he's accusing her of having an "affair" while she was at my home.
I am at my wits end and want her home. I have 2 other boys, 5 & 11 yrs so her living with us & a baby would be a real squeeze. She has told me she wants to move closer to me. How do I go about getting her accommodation. She could stay with me before the baby is born but afterwards it's going to be a real strain. I have looked on line at flats and they won't accept DSS, as she will need to give up her job if she moves closer, what help is she entitled to. Any information would be really helpful.

TeamSouthfields Thu 05-Sep-13 19:53:30

How about a mother and baby home... The council then re-home from there... She would of had to tell them she has run away tho (from the babies father)

BellEndTent Thu 05-Sep-13 19:57:11

First of all well done you for the support you have offered her so far

I work in Housing for my LA. If she could stay with you in the meantime and make plans from there that would probably be the best plan in terms of support and convenience but she could present to her council as homeless or to Women's Aid. Either would pick her up as a priority due to the abuse she has suffered. Depending on the area she might be in temporary accommodation eg a hostel for a time until something suitable comes up.

BellEndTent Thu 05-Sep-13 20:00:30

Posted without finishing - on my mobile and in the bath. grin

You are doing the right thing in getting her as far away from this man as possible. She is going to have weak moments where she wants to return, particularly being so young and with a baby on the way but with a supportive family in the picture she is better off than a lot of people in her situation.

morethanpotatoprints Thu 05-Sep-13 20:04:20

Hello OP

I am sorry you are faced with trying to keep your daughter safe.
Do you think the Hostel or Women's aid may be the best option as she could get the help and support to keep her away from this boy/man.
I don't have experience here but know of a woman who found so much support in a hostel after a violent relationship.
I was just thinking if she stayed with you she could be persuaded back if he tried hard enough.
It was just a thought.
Good luck x

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