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notyesterdaythankyou Thu 05-Sep-13 06:28:34

DD2 is 16 and starting college next week. She's been offered a place on the level 3 course, but is worried that others on the course will have done a cookery type GCSE at school or done the level 2 course and she'll be out of her depth.

She's a bright girl, though quite slow at writing, but she's confident with chopping etc and throwing a few ingredients together to make a nice meal and shes a quick learner; very practical. DD2 is thinking she should be doing level 2, not 3.

Anyone have any experience of these courses?

eatyourveg Thu 05-Sep-13 07:32:13

At my FE college if she has 5 good A*- C grades at GCSE they would put her on the level 3. Not sure if all colleges operate in the same way but we have a 4 week trial period after which everyone is assessed on their suitability for their chosen course. The majority of students stay put but many move up a level many move down a level and many move to other vocational areas. Your dd's place may do the same

There will be a fair few in her class who have come up from the level 2 but she certainly won't be the only one coming straight in at L3. Aim high would be my take on it and if she struggles she can move to the L2

Hope she enjoys it.

Annabel1066 Fri 06-Sep-13 10:34:23

Hi - have you thought of putting this under Education (secondary) - always lots of people on it whose DCs are doing a wide range of post 16 courses.

Good luck and hope DD enjoys.

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