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Sexual harrassment

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maggiebgood Tue 03-Sep-13 07:46:08

I had to take my dd to hospital yesterday for en emergency blood test. She is 15, 5ft. 9ins., and stunningly gorgeous. The waiting room was full and we waited an hour. When we left, she said to me "Did you see that pervy man? He photographed and then FILMED me." I wanted to go back and challenge the guy immediately, I was furious (still am). We waited for our lift home, and he appeared behind us - he's about 57 - 63 years old!. She absolutely forbade me to approach him or even photograph him myself. Then last night, when dh came home, she told us that she is always getting harassed by grown men. Some of the things they say to her are horrible, crude and terribly degrading. What to do? I'm so, so angry and I feel hamstrung.

Katastrofee Tue 03-Sep-13 12:38:42

Yes, it's awful. I was walking with 15 years old DD down a country lane. One car slowed down and the two young morons shouted stuff about DD curves. At another occasion a car packed with 5 young men stopped and the men shouted violent abuse that could have come out of a porn movie. They drove off when they realized who I was, calling me 'old witch'. This really scared me.

When i was 15 I was getting a lot of attention from passing cars and on the streets, and awfully tedious it was, but never this abusive and degrading.

MaMattoo Tue 03-Sep-13 12:45:53

I have no answers to what you can do..perhaps go back and complain to the police..? CCTV would have records of him..
I am just sad to hear this. We are disappointed in others for their degrading attitude towards women and we do the same. It's the same everywhere...I remember not going out much after sunset and my mother being on high alert verging on manic each time we went into a public space...
It's depressing

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