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Anyone elses teen think that V Festival (or similar) would be their idea of hell?

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bigbluebus Sun 18-Aug-13 15:09:05

Just watching V festival on TV. One of DS's friends has gone for the weekend with a group of his school friends (DS goes to a different school so wasn't invited anyway). Another friend's DD went for the day yesterday. I asked DS if he would have liked to have gone - he said "no, it would be his idea of hell".
DS goes camping every year but chooses a campsite by the quality of showers/toilets, he has been to an open air pop concert in the pouring rain (but went with us as a family and was only 12,000 people) and said he enjoyed it, but something like V (which is our nearest festival) does not appeal to him at all).
Just wondered if anyone else's teen felt the same. It all seems to be hyped up as the cool thing for teens to do, but looking at those crowds and hearing about the 14 miles tailbacks near here on Friday as everyone headed for the site, I'd far rather watch from the comfort of my sofa - where I can at least see the artists.
(DS is 16 by the way)

MoominMammasHandbag Mon 26-Aug-13 20:27:09

My eldest two (17 and 19) have just got back from Leeds, starving, filthy and exhausted. They scoffed bacon sandwiches, took long showers and went to bed.
Me and DH are a bit shocked by some of their tales, but they seem to have made sensiblish choices all weekend (didn't join in with friends doing drugs etc) so I suppose it's all a good learning experience.
Oh yeah, and of course they both had the best weekend of their lives smile

Punkatheart Tue 27-Aug-13 12:41:51

This year, i went to Reading with friends. My daughter has wanted to go for a long time and now she is 16, technically an adult. My idea was that I got to see exactly how it ticked and keep an eye on her - but she would be with her own friends. We live fifteen minutes from the site - so she came home for showers and a cooked breakfast.

My impressions? Predominantly girls of her own age. Very well-organised and staff everywhere, noticing people, checking behaviour. Loos in the main arena not as bad as expected. Loos in the camp site - pooh!

It didn't feel as big when you are inside - like a fairground, really. Lots of food, a supermarket, comedians, circus acts.

In the middle of all this - we middle-aged people with our fold up chairs and free copy of The Guardian from Waitrose.

I loved Eminem and I loved the happy smiling youth around me.

My daughter fell out with her friend but on the whole - it was a great experience and also made her value me and her home a hell of a lot more.

I have only just taken off my wristband...

JustAboutCoping2013 Thu 29-Aug-13 21:47:38

Thank goodness! All a bit full on since he sign of the tent, but as it was 'uninhabitable' I think I can do without it! I hope your DS had a great time and you've enjoyed hearing all the stories!

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