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Should I be worried about the crude stuff?

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exasperatedemma Wed 31-Jul-13 13:32:15

My 14 yr old DD uses Instagram; Live Profile, Twitter, Kik; FB; and several other social media apps. Constantly.

Right now I'm feeling quite sick with worry about the dangers of communicating with complete strangers (we have had the chat with her many times about this) because I saw a stream of chat the other day on which looked distinctly like grooming to me, though she said it was from a friend. Doubtful.

I have just found out that she publishes her and Live Profile pages on Twitter for anyone to see and I have just checked these and am horrified by the crude language going back and forth from people saying what they would like to do to her.

I'm wary of blocking these apps because at least I can keep an eye on her by checking the Ipad, otherwise if I clamp down completely then she'll just be even more secretive and use them on her Blackberry, or delete them as she goes.

Is this normal? does your DD do the same? Should I be concerned or is this normal chatter between teens nowadays? I guess it probably always went on but when its written down, seems so much worse.

lee1103 Thu 01-Aug-13 01:10:54

Honestly, this is happening everywhere. I guarantee if you look at any of her friends accounts, it will be the same.

Just try to forget about it because, as you said, taking it away will only force her to be more secretive about it.

Palika Thu 01-Aug-13 16:01:37

If that was my DD I would be extremely concerned. It is a shame that you have let come so far because now it will be hard to reverse this. It's like an addiction.

But I would have a very open conversation with her about what the dangers are without mincing your words. You need to get her on board to stop doing these things.

Forbidding it is difficult but if nothing helps and she would not comply I would take all her gadgets away until she see reason.

specialsubject Thu 01-Aug-13 22:04:45

also check carefully what is in her profile. If she has merrily published her address or identifying details it needs to go now.

all these people are making sexual suggestions to a child? Terrifying.

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