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Compulsive lying , should I just mind my own business ?

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WeAreEternal Sat 20-Jul-13 13:02:06

He needs some kind of help, whether it be from his parents or school.

Compulsive lying for attention in teens young adults is quite common but can be very addictive and while some can just grow out of it offer they just get better and it.
I have worked with adults who live almost entirely in a fantasy life, with enormous webs of lies around them,
It is a very difficult addiction/habit to break.

I would definitely suggest contacting the school or his parents even if it is anonymously.

flow4 Sat 20-Jul-13 12:53:14

My DS1 had a friend like this. It is odd, isn't it? I think it's quite normal aged about 8-9, but not so normal for a teenager. In my DS's friend's case, I think he was a bright, creative child who just felt real life was less interesting and exciting than his imagination... Plus perhaps there was an element of wishing the world was different, because his parents were at war with each other... His lies went on for about a year, and a lot of other kids did start to avoid him, and eventually he stopped... He's now 20, at university, and perfectly well-balanced...

Personally, I don't think I'd be comfortable mentioning it to school pastoral care but not the mother herself... It would feel too much like going behind her back, and/or like you didn't have any confidence that she could address the issue herself...

Artymum1 Sat 20-Jul-13 10:03:33

Hello all this is my first post so I hope I get all the rules right !
Here we go .... A good friend of my teenage son is a compulsive liar , the lies are getting bigger and make my son very uncomfortable, they range from small things " I've got.., I've done..." To my parents are getting divorced (they are happily married )to, my mum has died/is dead , he's told a few people the mum's dead lie. My Son finds it very disturbing , initially we thought it was attention seeking so he offered support but now has started to distance himself from the boy . The Child tells different people different stories and of course , teens talk , so they all know what he's said to one another and when confronted Denies he said it or just avoids the question. It is really worrying my Son. I do know his mum casually but could never say to another parent " do you know ...?" It would be awful for all. So my question is should the behaviour be ignored by all and my son just back away or should he try to talk to Someone at school , they have brilliant pastoral care ?

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