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Hot weather stress !

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Travelledtheworld Tue 16-Jul-13 08:48:21

Ok this morning I have HAD IT !
Kick kids out of bed at 7.15. Force stinky 13 yo son into the shower. Force him to use deodorant. Nag him to wash and brush horribly long hair.

DS 15 claims her chest hurts, she cannot go to school and cannot find her art folder. Makes no attempt to look for it. Complains her hair is filthy. she has nits ! She cannot tie it up. Whine whine moan. Bedroom is a complete tip. I threaten, you have 5 mins to put the things you want to keep on the bed and then everything else is going to the charity shop.

Kick them both out of the house for lift to a school. Immediately find lost art folder in bag unpacked since field trip two weeks ago. Find forgotten lunch box. Drive to school with all forgotten items. Back home...deep breath...put on a nice pot of real coffee...R E L A X and count to 10.

How's your morning going......?

Travelledtheworld Tue 16-Jul-13 08:53:50

House is like a bloody oven and Guinea Pigs baking in the hutch !

BastardDog Tue 16-Jul-13 14:15:29

Mine are already on school holidays so I didn't see either of them until 9.30 this morning, by which time I was on my way out of the door to walk the dog.

But I so know what you mean about stinky 13 yo boys. What is that smell? It's like nothing I've ever smelt before and it has the power to pervade the whole house. Yuck.

Travelledtheworld Tue 16-Jul-13 19:07:13

Even worse the smell lingers in the furniture.....

specialsubject Wed 17-Jul-13 10:34:09

wow, you're tolerant. I'd have let the lunch box forgetter go hungry, the art folder forgetter get bollocked and taken all the crap to the charity shop!

Travelledtheworld Wed 17-Jul-13 23:31:14

We live closer to the school than the charity shop !

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