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Should I be worried?

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supafish Sat 06-Jul-13 17:16:17

Ds age15 , is very mucha loner. Never goes out , stays in his room, watches tv, Internet etc . Doing well at school , not grade A but average . Eats well , sleeps well .
Why am I worried you may think ?
Well he is obsessed with me , needs constant reassurance that I love him , needs lots of hugs . I obviously give many cuddles , lots of love , plenty of praise .
Do you think he could be lonely ,I try to get to know about friends of his . He insists he has friends and isn't lonely , but just doesn't want to see them outside school . He does occasionally mention he's not a popular kid!! But teachers assure me he is well liked although quiet .
This morning he got a little angry when I said he needed a shower and as I walked out the door I heard him say ' I'll cut myself ' This scared me I have to say.
He is quite effeminate but grew up in a house with 2 older sisters . Don't think this is realy an issue tho !
Help mumsnetters x

exoticfruits Sun 07-Jul-13 07:08:02

I think that you are right to be worried- the 'cut myself' isn't a normal reaction. Has he any interests he could get involved in out of school?

Roshbegosh Sun 07-Jul-13 07:14:11

Being content with his own company, which he says he is, is fine. His need for reassurance to this extent is a bit worrying. Do you think if he were gay he could tell you?

supafish Sun 07-Jul-13 18:45:57

Yes , I think he would tell me , no issues with that and he has a young cousin , his age who has recently come out !
I'm at abit of a loss as to what to do next. He's had a go at every after school activity , hates all sport , seems constantly embarrassed at everything.
He's also in the grip of puberty , bit spotty , yknow what I mean.
What to do???

Roshbegosh Sun 07-Jul-13 19:19:10

Poor boy, it is such a difficult time in life. Not everyone finds their niche in the school years so you could reassure him that it is a big world out there. Also, is this recent! Could something be going on? Cyber bullying, abuse of some sort? Do you ever get to properly talk? It can be hard with teenagers to get them to open up. A road trip might be helpful, how many things do they come out with when you're driving? Lots IME
He is lucky to have you steadfast. I think he needs some professional help though, if he is cutting himself. Could you discuss this with him?

supafish Sun 07-Jul-13 21:01:12

I'm going to try. He seems very happy today , just in his room , eating when hungry. Family lunch that he enjoyed.
Thank you all for your input thus far xx

yamsareyammy Thu 11-Jul-13 22:04:06

Exactly how long has he wanted all this extra reassurance?

supafish Sun 21-Jul-13 19:37:43

About 6 months I guess .

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