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So I know she is lying, what now.

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Madamecastafiore Wed 03-Jul-13 14:45:52

Found a towel in DDs laundry basket that is covered on urine.

It is yellow and stinks (is a white towel).

She said she found it wet like that in her bathroom yesterday!

It is not her or so she says,I told her it wasn't me. DH says it wasn't him so it must be DS. I told her he would be punished when he got on for going into her room and pissing on her belongings. She said not to do that as it was not him!!!

What now? Do we have someone who breaks in and pisses over things? Am I imagining it?

Dd has firm for lying about personal hygiene issues and for being a dirty little scrote!!

valiumredhead Thu 04-Jul-13 21:29:05

Are you the thread police?wink

DameEdnasBridesmaid Thu 04-Jul-13 21:39:46

Just interested.seems a bit bizarre to be replying to someone who is no longer reading. But hey like you say, it's a free world smile

ExcuseTypos Thu 04-Jul-13 22:05:21

OP "Have told her handle is coming off bathroom door and I will be monitoring her washing habits as she will have to use my bathroom."

I hope you're not going to do this after reading all the advice that has been posted. Please do not do this.

AllegraLilac Fri 12-Jul-13 17:05:51

I know this is really out there, but a friend of mine is really into sexual fetishism involving urine/ wearing nappies/ infantilism and has told me stories like this about her teenage years and exploring this interest.

She'd wee on absorbent things and masturbate through the stream, or just wee because she had an interest in weeing and enjoyed it. Then as she got older, she'd fashion 'nappies' out of sanitary towels and bathroom towels and enjoy weeing like an infant would.

When she got older and was earning her own money, she'd buy adult nappies to wee in. Now, with her husband, nappies and urine are a major part of their sex lives - weeing on each other, drinking, wetting their pants.

I'm very sexually liberal and am genuinely interested about this practice, which is why I know so much.

Now I'd hate to assume anything about your daughter. I just thought I'd share some insight.

AllegraLilac Fri 12-Jul-13 17:10:02

Oh - OP, if this is a masturbation thing, please don't be angry at her for lying to you. It it totally normal to hide how you masturbate from your mum!

Don't ask, don't tell when it comes to teenage masturbation!

valiumredhead Fri 12-Jul-13 19:10:01

I think the poor OP might have just faintedwink

MimsyBorogroves Fri 12-Jul-13 19:23:32

My bet would have gone on experimentation too.

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