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how to restrict/protect teen dd on internet

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evaeoin Tue 02-Jul-13 11:27:04

my dd is 15 and ALOT more savvy than me when it comes to the internet.
she is on facebook, twitter, snapcatch(?) askfm and others im sure i know nothing about.
she has a smartphone so its not like i can check the history on the pc. she has refused to give me the password for her phone and facebook - and in way i dont blame her. But i am very unhappy about her complete freedom on this issue.
herself and her friends are always taking photos of themselves ususally just silly poses - pulling faces etc but last week i found one that was a bit more than that - nothing major but a bit suggestive.
also her friend had agreed to meet some lad she met on facebook at the cinema last week and my dd and another girl were going along for moral support. thankfully the girls aunt spotted this on fb and told the girls parents and the 'date' was called off but it freaked me out to think they could be so naieve to arrange to meet strangers without telling anyone.

please help and at a loss... my instinct was to ban her altogher from phone and pc if she wont give me passwords but am worreid that is a bit OTT and not sustainable

NoComet Sun 27-Oct-13 22:38:56

Because I have no wish to 'nanny' my DDs, I want them to learn to make sensible choices themselves!

bringbacksideburns Sun 27-Oct-13 22:56:20

My dd is younger than yours and i have her passwords.

At 15 though it's more difficult. You need to respect her privacy to some extent and maybe discuss being more internet savvy and safe than she is- get her to secure all her settings so it's just friends only and not add any 'randoms' unless she's met them a few times.

The website that worries me a lot is Askfm. When my daughter is older i will make sure it's blocked and she can't use it if she wants to join it. I have read the askfms of the older teenagers on her facebook(which she rarely uses) and it seems to be either a vehicle for bullying and nastiness or for obviously older predatory men to prey on young girls. Nasty.

Travelledtheworld Sun 27-Oct-13 22:58:02

There were a lot of problems with at my daughters school and at parents evening recently we were warned about it.

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