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Anyone know about drug they smoke called 'key'?

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Oblomov Thu 13-Jun-13 04:20:56

I too had no idea. I do now. Fascinating.

Roshbegosh Thu 13-Jun-13 04:20:38

Maybe, so that is basically weed then? Thanks.

burberryqueen Thu 13-Jun-13 04:16:28


Roshbegosh Thu 13-Jun-13 04:11:36

We are having a terrible time as foster carers and our 12 yr old boy came home looking stoned but he is denying it. His friend's sister said they had been smoking key. He didn't seem hyper like he'd smoked cat and I didn't think ketamine was smoked so what is it? Can't ask the friend's sister as she is a complete nut job.

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