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Blush12 Sat 08-Jun-13 08:48:12

DS (15) has told me he is bisexual and has got feelings for a gay boy (16) whom he is friends with. I was shocked but hopefully I came across as understanding and supportive. I don't want to speak to any one in RL about this as even now I feel that I am breaking his trust. But I really need some advice as how to handle this.

ProtegeMoi Sun 09-Jun-13 02:33:19

Don't make a big deal of it.

Be prepared for him to tell you he is gay.

A lot of gay teens (myself included) will come out as bisexual before admitting they are gay as it seems less scary.

notcitrus Sun 09-Jun-13 09:17:07

Equally historically many bisexuals rapidly say they are gay to access the support of that community, which has been very anti-bi in the past but is mostly a lot better now, especially for under-25s.

PFLAG are good, and for bi-specific stuff you could look up resources via Bi Community News, the Bisexual Index, or BiCon (national conference and convention, in Edinburgh this year).

Theas18 Mon 10-Jun-13 13:08:38

If he was mine I'd probably say something like " Tell me something I didn't all ready know/guess " or similar to let him know that it's no big deal, whilst letting him know I had heard and was happy he could talk to me.If you want support I'm here and can find you the support you need if I can't do it myself but just be you.

However I'd expect also that in what ever relationship he makes sure the sex is legal and safe, jut as I would with his sisters.

bettycocker Wed 12-Jun-13 08:06:36

I'm in a similar situation. DS came out recently and I was concerned about homophobia.

He said it's not a huge deal, but all of his friends are girls.

As long as DC know about safe sex and you talk to them about healthy relationships and potentially abusive relationships, I think that's the main thing. It doesn't matter whether they are straight, bi or gay.

I think it's great that you two have the kind of relationship where you can be open about this. You sounds like a lovely mum. smile

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