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vintage prom dress (sorry prom again)

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jjjaaaccc123 Sat 15-Jun-13 00:01:33

Try Beyond Retro!

nickstmoritz Fri 14-Jun-13 13:15:27

MG girl couldn't get link to work but had a quick look at the site which seems great. Daren't start browsing it or could be there for a while! They did have some nice vintage style dress pics.

MGgirl Thu 13-Jun-13 06:45:07

This sort of thing ?

rubyred44 Wed 12-Jun-13 18:40:04

Just joined to say my daughter bought a dress on holiday last year which we thought would be a great Prom dress, but she has changed her mind, and we now have a navy blue (full length though) dress with sleeves, might be of some interest, but I realise your daughter was looking for something shorter.

chocoluvva Wed 12-Jun-13 12:25:25

I know - £200-£300 is ridiculous IMO. Especially when they're about to become impoverished students. And there's such a huge build up to it.

I hope you find something you both like. (It must be lovely to have an indie/arty DD).

nickstmoritz Wed 12-Jun-13 10:23:41

Thanks chocoluvva. I have tried to keep the "prom" thing low key. Basically it is just a "leavers do" and I have been quite surprised at how much some parents have spent. Hope I am not a scrooge but I just do not believe in spending the £200-£500 I have heard some people mention. We will probably have a day out to go to a gallery and see if we can find a vintage dress but I agree Topshop has some nice ones too.

chocoluvva Tue 11-Jun-13 22:40:58

Probably a bit of a longshot, but would Topshop have anything perhaps?
DD got a lacy dress with 3/4 length sleeves and skater style skirt at Christmas.

(I'm not looking forward to her prom preparations - typically seems very time-taking and expensive sad )

Hope your DD has a lovely time.

nickstmoritz Fri 07-Jun-13 09:57:08

Thanks all. Bruffin DD would prefer something more vintage looking and would consider that one a bit too body conscious. Although size 10 she is not that confident about her figure (hence nothing strappy/strapless) and is also an arty indie girl. Thanks for looking though. DD2 would probably love that dress!

Thanks for the vintage fair link Scribblegirl, I was hoping to find out about some of those and thanks for the PM PT.

bruffin Fri 07-Jun-13 08:17:57

not vintage but would this work

Scribblegirl Fri 07-Jun-13 07:56:23

I don't know if you're in London, but these are always full of gems:

If you're not, you might get lucky and be near one of the locations for this one, which I went to a few times when it came to Bristol and loved!

nickstmoritz Tue 04-Jun-13 11:07:41

Thanks labelwriter.
Just had a quick look and there seems to be lots on Etsy. I should have thought of it because DD sells some of her drawings on there. Will get DD to browse. Some of the dresses are still pretty expensive but I guess could be re sold afterwards or next year. Be nice to try some dresses on though if anyone does know any good shops/markets.

labelwriter Tue 04-Jun-13 10:43:24

Etsy is brilliant for prom dresses and lots at different budgets.

nickstmoritz Tue 04-Jun-13 10:39:57

Does anyone know of any good websites (or shops) to look for a vintage dress. Already tried ebay but nothing as yet. DD wants a dress with sleeves and midi length. She is more an indie girl than glam and is hoping for white or cream but not set in stone. Budget is £50 - £60 tops but be great if it was less! Happy to do day trip with DD to look. Anyone know of any good vintage fairs anywhere? Thanks.

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