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DS always "ill"

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Orchidlady Tue 21-May-13 08:50:59

Feel so stressed and waiting for the school to call, I'll give it to 9.30. DS 13 said he is sick and not well enough for school but I know he is acting up, ( let him stay home yesterday as gave him benefit of the doubt but was fine) DP and I literally had to drag him to the car this morning I feel terrible but can't just give in, sure we will get fined soon. This has been a recurring theme, ( couple of month) I send him and school then calls asking me to pick him up, surprise surprise he is perfectly fine when we get home. I have spoken to him about whether there is a problem and spoken with school and there seems to be no issues. Just don't understand why he is doing this, should I refuse to pick him up when they call? It is a 45 min drive return and I am working full time. Sorry just need to rant but any ideas how to deal with this?

claraschu Thu 23-May-13 05:04:58

I hope it went ok Orchid, and the school had some helpful ideas. Do you think your son knows why he is feeling the way he is?

cory Thu 23-May-13 07:28:49

Just to address an earlier point: CBT doesn't have to be perfunctory. It's been enormously helpful for dd.

Orchidlady Thu 23-May-13 09:30:09

Update, unfortunately I was unable to make the appointment had to make an emergency dental appointment in absolute agony, turns out have abscess and gum infection. Strangely DS seems to very happy to go to school last couple of days, Will have arrange meeting after the holiday now. Will try and talk to him whilst away

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