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dd not home

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twoteens Thu 16-May-13 00:31:09

dd2 16 told me she was going to friends as friend had tuter to help with gcses, great I thought know friend has tuter, the mum to bring dd home at 11, dd is not back and I lost my mobile last week so dont have no, dd is not back and have suspison that she has lied to me, had a issue last week her being somewhere were she wasnt meant tb be, and found out she had gone to the pub and chatting to older guys pretenting she was in uni, had a long chat about the dangers she could get into. I dont know what to do. dd1 says she knows nothing. she hasnt a phoone as her i phone got stolen last week. what do I do am really worried

twoteens Thu 16-May-13 00:57:33

she is just in, not dealing with it now, too cross but will sort it tomorrow

babyboomersrock Thu 16-May-13 01:00:48

I'm glad she's back home - you must have been worried sick. Hope you get it sorted out tomorrow but try to sleep now.

twoteens Thu 16-May-13 10:37:29

Thankyou, my post was a bit of a jumble, going to have a long talk with dd2 this evening and get to the bottom of were she was, she will deny any wrong doing and that she was at her friends she will never admit to lying even when staring me and her in the face.
I need to stay calm and get the truth as am concerned about her at the moment.
DD1 is in the middle of As aswell so trying for a stress free household at the minute. and dd2 will play on that.
Bloody hell its hard work at the minute.

babyboomersrock Thu 16-May-13 12:45:57

Any chance you can go out with her, instead of talking at home - sometimes it's harder for them to admit to things when it's very "face to face" if you know what I mean? Could you even walk somewhere and go out for a coffee? Sometimes it makes the atmosphere a bit easier for a discussion.

Good luck.

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