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Omega 3 and concentration for teens

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fifietta Wed 08-May-13 21:12:44

My 15 year old DD has some GCSE's coming up and yesterday she said to me in all seriousness that she thinks she has ADD (she actually said ADHD) as she finds it so hard to concentrate in lessons and on revision. I've been doing a bit of internet research and there does seem to be more than just anecdotal evidence that taking an Omega 3 supplement can improve concentration, though it's taken quite a bit of searching to discover optimum dosage and I'm still not absolutely sure what this is.

Anyone have any experience of their teens taking these supplements/noticed any positive effects. I'm thinking that we can't go wrong giving them a try, even if there is only a placebo effect...

frazzledbutcalm Thu 09-May-13 00:11:35

Sister and SIL use equazen eyeq for their sons. Both are very lively, poor concentration, bright as a button. Both of them have seen amazing results with these.
When my ds was going through his GCSEs I used Teensense, just to give him the best possible chance, even though there was nothing wrong with his concentration etc. I just thought if he/his brain was getting tired then it would at least help a bit.

fifietta Thu 09-May-13 06:19:40

I didn't want to wait so bought something in Boots with the correct amount of DHA which seems to be the key. After the first dose last night my DD said she thought they were working already! So placebo or no that's got to be a good thing.

Mondrian Thu 09-May-13 06:24:06

I started using recreational soft drugs (marijuana/hash) just before my final year at uni and really noticed a huge dip in my concentration as per what you describe!

Just saying so that you can evaluate other causes.

Mondrian Thu 09-May-13 06:25:08

BTW. My experiment was short lived and once I stopped my concentration went back up to normal within a few days and passed with flying colours.

PJM18 Thu 09-May-13 22:21:58

I give my son equazan as these have been used in clinical trials. I don't have a clue if they work as he hasn't really problems with concentration but I give them anyway! You can get them in tesco or boots but boots now have an extra strength one which has a good amount of DHA and EPA

nohalfmeasures Thu 09-May-13 22:25:50

Check the total EPA/DHA on the packet, some give really naff doses. We use Holland and Barrett omega 3 fish oil which delivers 1000mg in 3 capsules. All of us take 2 daily as we figure we are getting some through diet too.

nohalfmeasures Thu 09-May-13 22:29:54

Check the total EPA/DHA on the packet, some give really naff doses. We use Holland and Barrett omega 3 fish oil which delivers 1000mg in 3 capsules. All of us take 2 daily as we figure we are getting some through diet too.

BOF Thu 09-May-13 22:30:10

I'm pretty sure that Ben Goldacre's covers this in Bad Science, but it's possible it was in another similar book I read. From my hazy memory, there was a government study on it, and I'm not sure that it actually showed any difference. Sorry not to be more help, but it might give you some more pointers to google?

nohalfmeasures Thu 09-May-13 22:34:42

You should read "They are What you feed Them" by Dr Alex Richardson. Lots of references in there to studies. One included a trial of giving omega 3s to prisoners. Behaviour improved dramatically as did the violence.
I've heard her speak- she's a very interesting lady!

craftybelle Fri 10-May-13 12:03:35

I used EyeQ oil for my son for years 9 and 10, but he detested it and it was a daily battle. I believe it had an effect, but in the end the battle became more of an issue in itself. I tried the vanilla oil, the citrus oil and others in solid form, but he could taste the fish oil so strongly in any of them and gagged every time. After one particularly bad episode he insisted that I try it too, and I have to say it was not nice but nowhere near as bad as he made out!
If yours wlll take it without the song and dance that I had, I would say go for it - it's a good supplement anyway, even without the concentration factor built in.
My son still has the concentration span of a goldfish - I thinks that's just him, through and through! He has other good qualities............!

frazzledbutcalm Fri 10-May-13 22:06:22

The equazen capsules I use are the strawberry flavoured ones. They don't leave any fishy taste. My 3 take them fine, but they wouldn't take the 'normal' flavour ones, said they were disgusting.

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