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Saw my God-daughter's Twitter account

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StabInTheDark Sun 05-May-13 22:35:12

I have my God-daughter (14) as a friend on Facebook, and this afternoon I saw that she'd posted a link to her Twitter account. I had a quick look (nosy God-mother alert) and was quite frankly horrified by some of the things she was tweeting! Foul language (almost every other word!!), lots of sexual innuendo, tons of references to sex and drinking, lots of bitchy comments about other girls...

Now I always believed I knew my God-daughter pretty well. But I know her as a funny, sweet (if sometimes a bit stroppy) girl, and I would have never expected these sort of posts from her. As far as I'm aware, she doesn't drink, and doesn't cause her parents too much trouble! Her Facebook is filled with the typical pouty photos and trivial posts I have come to expect from teenagers (my own DDs, nieces and their friends are the same), but nothing like this!! I am wondering if she wasn't expecting me/any other adults to see this Twitter account?

I don't know whether I'm overreacting, but my first thought is to phone up the little madam and ask her why she thinks it's okay to post this sort of thing! But then she'll only go and make it private, and I'm more bothered about understanding whether this is how she is, and I just don't know it, or whether it's just a 'trying to fit in, this is what everyone does' type of situation.

I can't help but think about the Paris Brown situation and I wonder if this sort of discussion with my God-daughter might make her understand how these posts could have an impact on her later on in life?

Has anybody else dealt with something similar? Not sure how to go about dealing with it, or whether I'm just overreacting and all teenagers do this...

ItsRainingOutside Fri 10-May-13 13:45:14

There's another free service making an appearance called which has no security and has been blamed for the death or more than one teenager having been relentlessly bullied by anonymous posters. My own daughter's friend (12 years old) is using it, is being bullied but is giving as much back. I've never seen language like it in my life and I'm no prude. Oh, and the conversations are shared on her Facebook page for all to see, including her much older siblings. Defies reason.

chocoluvva Fri 10-May-13 15:34:39

Some people tweet some of their '' Q and A's. This enables anyone reading their tweet to access their '' account. Anyone on it can ask anyone else on it anything. They ask all sorts of personal questions....

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