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Young People in emotional pain - a freebie

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GrandDanois Wed 01-May-13 14:59:54

A friend of mine is inviting a hundred parents/caregivers to experience a free 45 minute 'Way Forward' Session in return for an interview to explore what particular challenges are faced by those who love a young person in emotional growing pain.

If you sometimes feel powerless and paralysed, isolated and frustrated by the emotional problems faced by your young person, I highly recommend that you take part in her project.

The interview (max 30 mins) will help you clarify your young person's pain and identify how it affects you.

The 'Way Forward' Session will get you in touch with what it is in you that mirrors that pain, and help with releasing it.

You will be far better at helping your young person if you are not triggered by their pain.

To book a place, please email
Both session will be on skype

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