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My 14 yo has glandular fever - any tips?

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BabyHare Wed 17-May-06 15:44:14

My 14 year old daughter has been off colour for about 6 months and we finally took her to have a blood test which confirmed that she had glandular fever.

She has had every bug under the sun and is currently battling a perforated ear drum as well as the symptoms of GF.

My question is, what can I do to help her? She is 15 in June and of course, GCSE's are looming fast. She is not off school but even though she is there in body, don't think she is there in mind.



TambaTheDragonSlayer Wed 17-May-06 15:49:19

Oh poor her!

I have glandular fever atm and like your daughter, Im getting every bug going! Leaves you exhausted, kills your appitite and can also lead to depression - lucky us!

Make sure she eats healthly, little and often, multi vitamins, lots to drink (although not fizzy or coffee type drinks - apple/orange juice and water is better) lots of rest, fresh air too - its really nasty being stuck inside feeling crap, things to keep her occupied so shes not just concentrating on feeling ill - books, games, puzzles.

Should she be at school if her immune system is so low?

Hope she feels better soon

JanH Wed 17-May-06 15:57:10

Agree with Tamba, I don't think she should be at school atm - I'm sure the school would be happy to send work home for her etc. She would be better resting and recovering and catching up later when she's more up to it.

A friend of DS1's was afflicted with ME (I think that was what they decided it was in the end) at about this stage and was off school for months in Y11. He did take some GCSEs, concentrating on the core curriculum subjects; was able to return to school for Y12 but again took a reduced number of subjects, and will have a Y14 (!) to finish everything he wants to do. (I think he's hoping to go to medical school.)

BabyHare Thu 18-May-06 08:39:16

Thanks for the advice!

Think she may have tomorrow off as she has some important work to do today... bless her I do feel sorry for her....

thanks again!

Sarah x

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