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Should a 13 year old be allowed to wear a G string

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Skatergirl45 Thu 25-Apr-13 20:39:37

My daughter who is 13 very soon, who looks 16, asked me if she could wear a G string. I was quite shocked and said categorically NO WAY. She then went on to tell me that other girls wear them and they take the mickey out of you if you can see panty lines in the school trousers the wear. This all took place in the middle of a shop when we were purchasing underwear. Her older 19 year old sister was not impressed and told her so and her reasons being, that she feels that its an article of clothing that sexualises young girls and feels that it could lead onto to bigger things. My 13 year old ended in up in tears and now feels that we think she's with the boys. Can someone tell me if this is a fashion thing and it is something that girls wear or should I be suspicious.

curlew Thu 15-Aug-13 13:41:11

Does anyone wear one for sport? I know I couldn't be properly involved in any very physical activities wearing one. Or is that just me? I am just wary of anything which gets in the way of girls and sport......

Flicktheswitch Thu 15-Aug-13 13:47:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

orangeandemons Thu 15-Aug-13 13:52:54

I don't think the 13 year olds I teach wear them. Not that I look, but sometimes you see bits of underwear poking over the top of their trousers. They are definitely not thongs, more like m and s sensible knicks

mathanxiety Thu 15-Aug-13 17:12:56

I'm not commenting on anyone'e underwear from the pov of how it looks through clothing or saying that is the only thing anyone needs to take into consideration when buying underwear. Ime it is horribly uncomfortable, like a permanent wedgie. For me, boy shorts provide everything I want in a pair of knickers. I appreciate others have their own considerations when choosing unmentionables.

I am commenting on the sort of peer pressure that leads a girl of 13 to worry she is the only one not wearing something that was not important to her at age 12, and the kind of insecurity that makes that pressure significant to her. I am not judging her, and not saying it leads to anything other than freezing buttcheeks in winter and perhaps some chafing in the nether regions, just sad that she doesn't seem secure enough to wear something not necessarily fashionable that was perfectly fine for her last year, maybe a size bigger.

DD2 (18) who has a few g-strings but mostly assorted other styles, depending on whatever was cheap when she went out shopping for underwear (which is all she has ever taken into account when buying underwear), wears other styles for sport. Her sport uniform involves a navy volleyball style knickers under a skirt, very similar to boy shorts. DD2 plays the same sport but she is not a fan of g-strings. DD4 (12) couldn't care less what she wears.

mathanxiety Thu 15-Aug-13 17:13:27

DD2 plays the same sport = DD3

curlew Thu 15-Aug-13 17:17:49

"DD2 (18) who has a few g-strings but mostly assorted other styles, depending on whatever was cheap when she went out shopping for underwear (which is all she has ever taken into account when buying underwear)"

Oh, come on. I utterly refuse to believe that an 18 year old has never considered colour, prettiness, appearance, fit or anything but cost when buying pants! "Oh, look, the g strings are the cheapest, I'll buy those." hmm

mathanxiety Thu 15-Aug-13 22:42:19

DD2 buys all her own underwear and most of her own clothes, and has done so since she first started making money from babysitting at around age 13. She learned the hard way (buying full price jeans that she grew out of in weeks during a growth spurt) to only buy what is on sale. The stuff she buys looks nice as far as she is concerned, but it is always sale priced, and varies in style. It is always price that she considers first. We are very frugal here out of necessity.

mathanxiety Thu 15-Aug-13 22:43:42

A lot of her clothes come from second hand shops. She saves her money for items like her own iPod and laptop and a replacement laptop when she fried the first one.

Auty Fri 16-Aug-13 17:19:07

My 13 year old has never asked but when we go undie shopping i often see her gazing over at the more revealing knickers. I'm certainly not going to buy her them unless she asks and her reasons for wearing them seem decent. I remember being 13 and i wasn't good with the peer pressure and gave in to most things and would hate to see my girl parading her undies off to some boy.

ChristineDaae Fri 16-Aug-13 17:27:39

I wore them at 13 and still do. I can't bear full nickers. It's just underwear, not really a sexual issue unless she's walking round showing everyone.

Boosterseat Sun 18-Aug-13 19:27:42

I had plain thongs at 13 for VPN , just plain old 5 pack from asda.

I remember my parents going mental when I wore a turquoise bra for school, it wasn't for the boys I just like (and still do) pretty underwear.

I think by making a big deal about the issue you might end up making her rebel about it and she will end up buying her own tarty stuff and showing it off for a reaction.

Buy her some functional ones as a compromise and remind her to keep herself extra clean as yeast infections are shite.

cathyandclaire Mon 19-Aug-13 09:23:38

Dds have had nude thongs ( bought to go under dance costumes for no VPL) since 11 or so. Also have boy shorts/ jack wills knickers and big ole comfy pants. They wear them all according to what they're wearing, boy shorts under short dresses so no flashing, thong under clingy stuff etc. I think it's practical not sexualised.

OctopusPete8 Mon 19-Aug-13 14:17:06

I did,

I stopped wearing them cuz' they get nasty in hot weather not v. hygenic its like a conveyor belt for infection.

rubyrubyruby Mon 19-Aug-13 14:22:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CooEeeEldridge Mon 19-Aug-13 14:33:26

No idea what's 'in' these days but always wear thongs, most comfortable and discreet underwear in my opinion. Never get thrush, never get infections. Go horse riding daily, run 4 times a week and do gym classes most days, don't even notice my underwear. French knickers / boy shorts I think are ridiculous to do anything in, and also that they give terrible vpl. Normal pants end up turning pretty much into thiongs if I do anything active anyway (tmi?!). I do have a big bum compared to the rest of me and wonder if that doesn't help with comfort of 'normal' pants?

bellabom Tue 20-Aug-13 19:10:15

I was horrified when 14 year old step daughter had thongs at 12 but realistically it is mainly for the hidden element of the line of then rather than anything more sinister. There's a big difference between a sexy little red lace G String and a nude thong shaped pair of knickers.

I'd be more concerned about those boy shorts that say things like "TASTY" across the back or "KISS ME" on the fanny bit. In fact, any slogan on their pants... why?! Who's going to read it confused

I guess what I'm saying is that sexualised underwear, no. Practical underwear, yes.

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