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Romantic upset just before AS exams

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snowyowl70 Sat 20-Apr-13 19:30:23

My 17 year old DD has just been upset by her boyfriend of 10 months and is keeping her dangling as to whether he wants to carry on the relationship . The complication is he lives in Switzerland (we are in UK) so they can't sort things out face to face. She's kept holding on for Skype calls etc and is just being tormented. Her AS exams start next tues and we are so worried she just can't seem to focus on her revision. She is a potential Oxbridge student and so these exams matter so much . Wish I could fly to Switzerland and tell him what I think ! I can't fix the situation for her but how do I get her through this so she can cope with her exams ???? Any advice gratefully received - she is eldest child so we haven't had to deal with any of these issues before and feel completely helpless !

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